How going vegan will improve your health. Vegan food is healthy food, right? But there’s a question above that remains unanswered: what happens when you stop eating meat? Well, we should probably explore what happens when you stop eating meat and examine some of the ways that a vegan diet will improve your health. Other
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These 25 vegan athletes prove that a plant-based diet gets results. With improved recovery times, and improved performance in their respective sports, plant-based protein is a powerful fuel source. WATCH PART 2 HERE: Covering sports from tennis to hockey, we will cover what made these athletes choose to adopt a vegan diet, how they
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These are 10 of the most prominent benefits I have noticed either physically or mentally/psychologically since going vegan 4+ years ago. Hope you enjoy/find this insightful/interesting/helpful/motivating/etc!!!!! Comment about the benefits you’ve experienced so I can read them lol ♡♡♡ // please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any ques/concerns! RECENT VIDEO: WHAT I
Do vegans need to supplement with omega-3 fatty acids? The omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, found mainly in seafood are crucial for our brain, heart, and overall health. While our bodies can make EPA and DHA from ALA (a fat found in plants), the conversion rate is very low. Despite a large intake of
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I’ve been eating a raw vegan, fruit based diet for a year now and here are some of the top health benefits I’ve experienced. Not only are there numerous health benefits, but there are also spiritual benefits that will change your entire life. *Instagram: *Check out my juice fasting video: *MUSIC:
Extreme Actions to be Vegan Has the suggestion of coming to be a Vegan ever before crossed your mind? Many individuals have actually thought about coming to be Vegan in an initiative to deal with the environment better yet it is not a way of life that appropriates for every person. In order to actually
Advantages to Consuming Vegan With a great deal of people being swept up into the suggestions of a greener lifestyle it is not surprising that many people are turning Vegan as well. For the large majority of individuals a Vegan way of living is straightened to returning to the old methods, which is additionally thought
If you’re new, Subscribe! → Whether you’re a vegetarian and thinking of taking things to the next level of animal-free eating, or a long-time carnivore getting ready to start a completely plant-based diet, going vegan is a major life change. Before switching over to veganism, you should be aware of the major biological shifts
In this video I share with you some of the health benefits I’ve received after going Vegan. And I’m also showing some before and after pictures at the end 🙂 Best Speech Ever by Gary Yourofsky Debunking the Myths of Veganism From Farm to Fridge The World Peace Diet 101 Reasons
In this interview with naturopathic Dr. Matthew Nagra, we discuss plant based diets for the treatment of certain conditions, nutrition myths, and evidence based information. 🐔🐖🐄🦃🌱 FOLLOW DR. NAGRA Let us know what you think in the comments! We know you LOVED this video so show it by giving a LIKE and SUBSCRIBING
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