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Benefits of Being Vegan For Animals.

The Mindset Shift That Made Me Vegan: In this video I talk about the BEGINNING of my vegan journey. The first thing that really made me think and made me question the way I was living. This seed was planted and many years later it still stuck with me and I became a vegan. ★ MY VEGAN STORY (WHY I WENT VEGAN) ★ Out As a Vegan ★

How and Why I Went Vegan: I went vegan and this happened – I became active… this video is about how I went vegan! This is my short story about how I became vegan and my passion for animals. My goal is to make more people vegan and motivate vegans to be more active – Hence my channel/page name – Active Vegan. Watch this video about why I went vegan and why you guys should too.

What are the benefits of being vegan? Everyone has individual experiences, but many claim health benefits. I experienced some too. “What Happens When You Stop Eating Meat?” Great question. Just what I wondered in the back of my mind.

How To Go Vegan The Right Way – It’s about ethics! Of course there are moral reasons as to why to go vegan and I wanted to do it for those reasons too.
Active Vegan – Xplore With James Peter is an educational platform that aims to spread veganism through vegan documentaries, vegan speeches, vegan vlogs, vegan articles, and vegan campaigns.

The aim is also to help vegan activists communicate the message using methods and styles that are more effective. Follow is via links below to be updated about new exciting projects.

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