Diet vlog | My 1,600 calorie vegetarian cheat meal of the day


Hi everyone! I tend to be more flexible with when my cheat days are now, as long as it’s once a week hehe 😅 In this vlog, we prepare a vegetable dish w/broccoli and asparagus. Then eggs with cream cheese filling, and lay out some vegetable samosas and cupcakes (From my dog’s 6th birthday!). The taro pudding and the pineapple bun w/taro filling is what weighed on my stomach the most (Plus the 4 samosas lol). Those cupcakes were heavenly too. 🧁
NOTE: When it’s not cheat day, I eat one meal per day which usually fall b/w 700-800 calories, filled w/veggies + fruits, and avoiding breads and dairy! 😞
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