Being Vegetarian in Tokyo / Japan


How to survive as a vegetarian on holiday in Tokyo, Japan.
Before I first went to Tokyo I was really worried about whether there’d be vegetarian food, because I’d read so many stories on the internet about everything containing fish. So I’ve made this video to share my experiences of being vegetarian in Japan, to share what it was like for me, with a few tips and Japanese phrases to help you survive.
I really hope you find it useful – if you have any questions just put them in the comments!
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  1. Thank you for this helpful video, I'm so pleased you were able to post this before my trip too! I really appreciate the effort you go to to make our lives easier haha 🙂

  2. Is it just my monitor or does it look like she has 3 O'clock shadow? Daily electric razor face shave missed?

  3. come to india, learn cooking, and u r good to go, u will never gonna need to eat outside, india shows the whole world that how tasty can a vegetarian food be , it's filled with millions of tasty vegetarian recipes

  4. At 05:47 I had to stop this video, it sounded delicious and I am looking this at 7PM which is dinnertime in the Netherlands.

    Vegetable foods or vegetarian foods are healthy and is increasing in popularity. But one thing struck my mind: how can anyone refuse eating fish ? Considering how many fish and sealife there is in the sea. 70% of earth is covered with sea, when there is so many option available eating fish, it is almost an insult to the creator, God by refusing eating fish or fishproducts like tuna or codfish (kabeljauw in Dutch).

    When one go to Japan and telling them: I don‘t eat fish then the option of eating authentic style traditional prepared meals would become unpleasant limited.

    No offense, I think everyone has the right to choose what she or he is eating. But I am asking: why ? A human isn‘t designed to eat only vegetarian. It needs also animal food for proteïne, amino acid, vitamin D and minerals like iron. Cod liver oil is also good for your body.

  5. Been enjoying your videos. Very helpful. Subscribed!

    Although, for you vegetarians out there, just wanted to mention tamagoyaki(egg omelette) is made with dashi (at least most of them contain dashi), and McDonald’s fries are not vegetarian as they contain beef extract.

  6. Mos Burger and Saizeriya saved my ass. Then again, with all the walking, healthier food and proper portion sizes, I lost 10 pounds in a week.
    And I highly recommend Cafe Aaliya in Shinjuku for the best French Toast on the planet.

  7. Thanks for this really helpful video. I am visiting Japan within a few days. I am a vegetarian who does not eat an egg. Any idea or suggestion for a person to survive in Tokyo who does not even eat an egg or egg product?

  8. This is a great guide, really appreciate it!! I was really worried about finding veggie restaurants because of the travel guides painting a hopeless picture, but I am really relieved.

  9. Isn’t it also possible to eat Udon and Soba? They’re vegetarian, ain’t they?

  10. Even here in the west none vegetarian restaurants, staff do not know what it means..they will say there is no meat but will have chicken or fish (or their sauces) or fish egg….or fry your vegetarian option on the same cook top as the meat or pull out the chicken leg out of the soup…. now its vegetarian….

  11. We need a shared map where all the vegetarian/vegan Restaurants are pointed in Tokyo. Is something like that already excisting? :3
    Oh and thanks for the Video btw thumbsup

  12. Thank you for making this video. I also don't eat meat or fish just because I don't like the taste!
    Going to Tokyo this week, can't wait 🙂

  13. Hi, I am a Japanese who teaches English at college in Tokyo. The textbook that we are using in the class contains the topic of being a vegetarian so I would like to use this video for helping students understand how vegetarians live in Tokyo. Which is going to be a great help, thank you!

  14. Problem would be more doing a homestay in Japan and expect that they cook a special vegetarian meals only for you.

  15. As an update – a lot of the onigiri at the convenience stores are now labeled in English so, choosing the one you want is easier 🙂

  16. I want to go to Japan when I‘m older and thats one thing I always worried about because Japanese people tend to eat much fish.
    Thanks for this detailed video, it helped me a lot :3

  17. most of japan's veggie burgers that i've seen in videos, have been portobello mushroom burgers, so i was wondering if one could easily find veggie burgers without mushrooms, and what might be the best places to find those? or do they all have options besides mushrooms?

  18. I don't know if the CoCo Curry sauce is Veg….I mean if You're pretty strict vegetarian even eating the vegetable sushi it is being cut in the same area/knife as fish….same with the Okonomiyakibeing cooked in the same space so You will absorb some meat residue…Just a heads up if You're by the book ie 100% honest with Yourself

  19. You can try cafeterias at universities, too. They have some special menus for international students. I work at the university in south part of Japan, that's pretty far from Tokyo, very country side, but they even serve halal meat. and usually price is pretty good.

  20. Really enjoyed your video. If you go to Kyoto try Biotei its a great little vegetarian restaurant

  21. I'm a strict vegetarian. Just because something doesn't taste like fish doesn't cut it for me. I will not taste something before knowing for sure if it is vegetarian.

  22. If you are vegetarians or Vegans, you can try 精進料理(Shojin ryori) in Japan. Basically, Shojin Ryori and Vegetarian food are same. Shojin Cuisine doesn't use any meat or fish. We are not familiar with the word "Vegeterian" cuz that's English. But if you say shojin ryori, even older people will understand you.

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