6 Best Non-Vegetarian Recipes for New Year 2016


With New Year’s day 2016 just around the corner, it’s time to put on your party mood on and raise a toast to the good times! But a toast is incomplete without good cuisine and if we talk about cuisines, can there be anything delicious and heavenly as any of the non-vegetarian dishes? Right from Kashmiri Rogan Josh to Murgh Korma, everything becomes quintessential to make the start of a year with your loved ones. To make a few mouth-watering New Year dishes this year, Chef Ajay Chopra is here with some delicious recipes. Check out the video and let us know which recipe would you try for your party! 🙂
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Happy New Year!!
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Here are the recipes of few different snacks and dips/spreads that may tempt your taste buds:
1. Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken With Mushroom & Asparagus
2. Chic Chic Chicken
3. How To Make Kashmiri Rogan Josh
4. How To Make Shahi Murgh Korma
5. How To Make Chicken Quesadilla
6. How To Make Chicken Tikka Spring Rolls
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  1. Authentic kashmiri rogan josh में टमाटर डालता है, ये आज पता चला। यही तो दिक्कत है, हर बावर्ची के पास अपनी एक अलग ही Authentic recepie है

  2. Ajay Bhai Bakra eid aari bahut dinse bhai tune koi Naya item nahi upload Kiya
    Bhai teri tabiyat theek hai na
    Allah mere bhai k zaike Ko barkaraar rakhhe

  3. Are you trying to elicit a response from vegans and vegetarians? Your title is a bit of an oxymoron. Why did you need to call it 6 best non-vegetarian recipes? By doing this, you specifically tagged vegans and vegetarians. Maybe you should have labeled your video 6 best recipes for new years 2016. This way there would be no confusion, right?

  4. chef what happen no post for around six months…. could u plz show me the difference b/w curd and yoghurt in ur next video. I watched a lots of video for the same but setting yogurt and curd are same… its a request to show how to set both curd and yoghurt in one video and its difference……

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