US Military Halal/Kosher/ Vegetarian Meals 2018



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  1. Those entrees are the exact same kosher/halal meals they serve inmates in jail with. Religious diet requiments

  2. I always grab some salt and paper from the restaurant lol
    Wow.. you got a lot of interesting snacks !

  3. Dude those look pretty badass!
    Great video bro, sorry it took me s few days.
    Work has been kicking my ass!!

  4. These look very cool to me. Those oat and honey Granola bars are actually my favorite granola bars. Who is the woman on the packages? Lol
    And also Thank you.

  5. This should be interesting friend.  Great unboxing.  I have never seen this brand, or, this style of packaging.  Very cool sir!     Where did you say you found these sir?      I Can't wait, until you have time to review some CT.     Great job,  Peace,  John.

  6. The one year shelf life makes sense with all the commercial items. I was expecting more genuine MRE items but only the TP? Surprising! Thanks for the look into something different.

  7. After all those restrictions I was surprised to see there was any food inside there at all lol

  8. Wow, those are really cool. I would give the mains a decent shelf life, but the accessory packs are going to suck after about one year. I did an experiment with those granola style bars. They really lose flavor after about six months.

  9. Is this for civilians or soldiers? This doesn't exactly look like something for military use. That hair on Mary Anne Jackson though…….. Cool stuff!

  10. I think Mary Anne should probably get an updated photo. That hair screams 80's.

  11. HALAL CT! Nice review good sir. I'm curious, haha. Can't wait to see it. Such a weird expiry date though :S

  12. Cool unboxing Mike i haven't seen these on YT yet looks interesting. Thanks for the upload have a great day!

  13. Nice video there Mike. I like all the little items other than the main that they give you. Perfect for a road trip. Nicely done sir. Hopefully you’ll let us know how they are tasting. I watched the entire video and then commented. That’s the way it’s supposed to be done right? Thank you for keeping it under four hours as well.

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