Whole 30 – Vegan / Vegetarian Meals!


I started a sort of Whole 30 July 1st.
I had been Vegan for a year and I just couldn’t get away from the sweets and carbs so I need something to help me.
I learned about Whole 30 and decided I would give it a shot.
This video is a haul of my first two weeks and a couple of meals I ate and a step-by-step on how to make a Vegetable Hash from a recipe adapted from :

Vegetable Hash with Poached Eggs

Check out her page for the full recipe and photos.


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  1. Just a suggestion, if you do not want your cutting board dancing all over your countered. Put a wet paper towel or towel under your board.

  2. so you don't follow the whole 30 exactly because you use corn. what other differences do you do personally on your whole 30 compared to the book and website?

  3. hi, I am really glad that i found your channel. I have kinda the same story as you. I have been vegan for one year, but I think i need a change in my diet so i have started the whole30 vegetarian – paleo on july 26th and of course like you i have added eggs into my diet. i am on day-3 and i feel great, I am excited to see the results by the end of august. I would like to see your results and how you feel on this lifestyle.

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