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Cue the marching band because it’s time for some meal prepping! In this meal prep video, I wanted to challenge myself to try out some new healthy recipes, and I’m so glad I did because I ended up with some delicious meals. In this video you’ll see me actually prepping everything, and I’ll also be taking you with me throughout the week to see how each day played out. Do you meal prep? Let me know in the comments below!
my cousin’s cookbook (us edition):
my cousin’s cookbook (canadian edition):
veggie chilli recipe:
banana oatmeal pancake recipe:
chia pudding recipe:
some of the tools I used…
kitchenaid spatula:
ceramic cookie sheet:
glass mixing bowls:
mini glass bowls for spices/dressings:
paderno stainless steel pot (similar type):
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[my favourite places to shop]
amazon (us):
amazon (cad):
get $5 off your first order on Uber Eats with my code: eats-caitlind1456ue
[filming equipment]
canon 80D:
sigma 18-35mm F1.8 Art Lens for Canon:
my vlog camera (Canon G7x MarkII):
ring light:
all tracks from epidemic sound:
hurry now — justnormal
bahama breeze — sarah, the illustrumentalist
first sip of coffee — jobii
oak city — sarah, the illustrumentalist
sthlm in my heart — henyao
perfect time — toby tranter
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  1. Do you usually watch Netflix or listen to podcasts while you cook? Or are you a “soaking up the cooking” kind of person who just chills without entertainment? Just curious haha

  2. Sweetie Potato and Lentil Soup by Caitlin Shoemaker. (it’s my favourite soup and she also has a chili)

  3. A tip for the chia pudding add smashed fruit to the milk I usually add apple sauce or smash some berries into it and when I eat it I add seeds to add some crunch

  4. Invest in the 8in chef’s knife from Shun. Yes it’s more expensive but totally worth it. I love all of my Shun knives.

  5. If you dont already do it, you should save all your veggie scraps and freeze them! You just boil them with water, remove the scraps, and you have a delicious vegetarian soup base!

  6. You should invest in a chefs knife for cutting up your veggies, will save you so much more time.

  7. When you make a smoothie and make a chiapudding from it the texture is so much better is my experience! My hack for leftover smoothies! Also if you put yoghurt or make it witch coconut milk from a can the texture will be also very different!

  8. You should check out Liv B, she’s also canadian and does really good vegan recipes!! I love her lentil Chili!

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