The Game Changers


Executive produced by James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan, a UFC fighter’s world is turned upside down when he discovers a group of world-renowned athletes and scientists who prove that everything he’d been taught about protein was a lie.


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  1. The Roman Gladiators were strong because it was life or death and only the strong survived so they trained hard. Hard work will trump a vegan diet. Oxes can grow strong on grass etc because that's the way they evolved.
    If you are scared of cholesterol than you are too weak, and surprise plants have tons of toxic cholesterol the body can't process thus making meats and animal products a healthy source of naturally occurring in your body cholesterol. The real enemy to high cholesterol is sugar and processed plant oils like cheap canola oil.
    Real people eat meat because meat isn't bad for you. Red meats and fish are nutrient-dense sources that are delicious.
    Don't be an extremist idiot falling into the fad of eating only this and not that. Don't be vegan or carnivore, but instead become what evolution has developed you to being an OMNIVORE. Don't do keto (unless you enjoy it of course) or any other bs fad people try to feed you so that you will buy their "supplements" like "Keto" coffee or some bs.
    The bottom line is to stop being one of the masses and have some intelligence.
    Stop being weak like the masses and become strong both body and most importantly mind.
    And, stop wasting your money on bs products: BCAA's, cleanses, fat burners, Keto this or that, etc…

  2. For a natural non PED taking man his testosterone is greatly dependent on animal protein. This is because in a man’s body testosterone is Made From Cholesterol.

  3. This is more clever than it is good, more movie than documentary, more pseudoscience than science, more propaganda than informative. I’ll give them this, they did a better job than Forks Over Knives and What The Health.

  4. I went vegan for the animals a couple of years ago without realizing that there were health benefits to going vegan, and just added a lot more fruits nuts legumes and vegetables to my diet and was AMAZED at how much better I felt – wow i'm still 100% vegan for the animals and the health benefits are just a total bonus !!

  5. Everyone in this comment section is retarded, you didn’t cure shit from going vegan, you went from eating processed shit to real food, you can still eat meat, fish and eggs and be EVEN healthier , just ALSO eat enzyme rich foods like vegetables and fruits… this movie is propaganda and cherry picked data.

  6. This is dumb. Because people that go on a pure carnivore diet see outstanding health results. You can eat meat. It's really ok.

  7. I quit being vegan after 3 years. Didn't feel good especially when I hit the gym. I guess everyone is different

  8. Ain’t watching this Vegan propaganda nonsense there’s nothing wrong with eating meat I don’t believe in this BS this documentary trying to sale.

  9. Biggest BS that has ever come out. This was incredibly well made but is not a documentary at all. Way too biased and opinionated. They completely misrepresented the research. Picking and choosing what to say, not the whole story. Take time to read the research that they get their "facts" from.

  10. Its the cutting out of processed foods. Science has done numerous studies and meat doesnt change a thing if its organic and real meat. The problem is people go and eat burgers and processed meat cause its cheaper.

  11. I used to be a vegetarian, but can't do so any longer. I love the consumption of meat. Why? There is a healthy and clean way to eating meat, just like being a vegan. Everything in moderation, the key fact is "processed food." Meat haters don't understand the truth about meat now a days. Back then meat was healthier, cleaner to eat, today it is over-processed, cheapened, fed incorrect junk and given drugs. If you read the bible you understand why eating meat is NOT against your body!

  12. A vegans wet dream…. gimme a f'n break with this bullshit propaganda. Eat good clean cuts of beef meat chicken n fish…

  13. I was vegan at home pretty easily, but ever since I went back to college it has gotten very hard due to the lack of options. Any advice for someone in my situation?

  14. changed my life !!! I do dumb bell exercises plank, sit ups pull downs , my lab work numbers are amazing …all of this at the age of 70… i am happy and healthier every day

  15. has been teaching this for years but very few will wake up to it. We see 1000s of people completely reverse chronic diseases including Diabetes and Cancer. Even mental issues go away and a transformation occurs in they way they see life and live it.

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