Mediterranean Baked Beans a Healthy Vegetarian Meal


A nutritious and delicious Mediterranean meal. The beans are creamy and succulent, full of flavours and topped with a toasted olive oil parsley crust. This recipe is also perfect for vegans and vegetarians, simply use vegetable stock instead of chicken. It’s best to soak the beans the day before, however you can cook them from dry if you don’t have the time. They will take longer and be a little mushier. Even though the beans will bake for over 40 minutes, don’t under cook the beans when boiling, try and cook them so they are firm but ready to eat before baking. Enjoy my healthy Mediterranean Baked Beans.
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  1. Hey great recipe… have a question about your roasting pan. Could you please share with me the details? Works on stove top and oven…I

  2. A healthier version of a cassoulet that has neither meat nor a lot of fat. I'm going to have to try this. Thanks!

  3. Some day soon I will have access to dried beans, fresh tomatoes and fresh herbs again and I will certainly make this— it looks wonderful!

  4. I Love your cooking but I don't understand why you put the bread cramps. In Greece we cook giant beans very often. We add carrots too. Some people cook them with sausages . The bid ones. They grill them, slice them and add them the last ten min with the beans. ❤❤❤

  5. Hi chef!! This recipe is amazing… Loved the combination of flavours you added to it.. Id surely love to try it myself.. It was really easy n fun to watch.. And yes btw i love the way you pick up your pepper crusher.. "your signature style" i call it.. Thanks a lot for sharing.. Good luck stay safe chef

  6. So happy to see you posting more recipes Chef Joel. We are locked down and have made so many of your recipes. We call it quarantine quisine… we'll make this right away as it looks delicious. Hoping to make the immune soup as soon as I can get some coconut milk or cream. I highly recommend that everyone makes your: Honey/Soy chicken thighs, Lemon/butter chicken (the Smoked paprika makes that so exotic and rich,) pork schnitzel, scallop gratin, your pizza crust was awesome and easy, balsamic chicken, everything we have tried is gourmet and delicious. Can't wait to try more and thanks so much. We are eating better than ever. Keep them coming. Stay safe, stay home, and eat well everyone!

  7. Good recipe. As a Greek, I give it a 10.
    If you don't have raw beans folks, you can use canned butter beans. They are already soften.
    Just drain and wash.
    Giantnes rules.

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