10 Easy and Healthy Veggie Snacks


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  2. Might aswell rename this video to „10 ways to make baked vegetables covered in breadcrumbs, egg and cheese“. This was a rather underwhelming „healthy“ video of yours Tasty…

  3. This is just another one of my stupid “mild ocd” posts lol.
    (Meaning, “mild ocd” is the reason why I “felt the need” to post this.)

    I already been over this already

    (but I need to post it because of my OCD)

    Ok so my mom was talking on the phone to a relative. Idk what else she said but I only caught 2 things since I happened to walk by.

    1. She said like how
    “I’d always have (relationships/friendships in general) and it happens to be good for like a year or two and then goes to bad or whatever.”

    Well there’s not much to say about this one. It’s just outright wrong (because like I said both of my parents absolutely don’t understand me AT ALL)

    2. And she also said about my
    “my feelings changing and stuff”

    Ok so below is just the copy and pasted reason (that I mentioned before)

    (And I know how it said like in the book “wisdom of the enneagram” “4’s feel intense infatuation and then it goes away)
    (well yeah I am a 4 but I’m a 6 dominate and no, love for me is for life (, well like I said I wanted to marry her, and of course that implies for life)

    Also : adding on the the above quote technically : infatuation is the “start of love” so when it ends “true love starts” and “true love is for life”

    As as for me: “infatuation already ended for me”

    And I’m in the stage of “true love for life” with the ESTJ 14 Asian. (And also we’re already married and all, but like the wedding ceremony when she’s 18 and all)


    But the main idea is that “everyone is unique” and as for me myself, I “simply just know” that “that’s how I am” well because I’m a 4 and I “know myself/am extremely self aware”.

    3. She said
    “I am looking for a girlfriend”
    Well, that’s because she doesn’t know that I’m already married.

    So no, i AM NOT looking for a girlfriend.
    I’m already married for life (and married implies for life) to the ESTJ 14 Asian.
    (Well the wedding ceremony and stuff when she’s 18)

    And everything else I said (to recap)
    “When I say that I love her (her and only her) and that I’m going to be loyal/committed to her (her and only her) FOR LIFE.“
    (she is to me too)

    I mean it 100% absolutely, it is what I have chosen to do with my life, and will die happy knowing that I did.

    Oh and also sex is ABSOLUTELY not important to me AT ALL.

    Anyhow I been over this before but my point. is that.

    “whatever my either of my parents say about my IS NOT true at all since they ABSOLUTELY DO NOT understand me AT ALL.”

    That should be all for now.
    To (all my 100% loyal family)

  4. Hi (all my 100% loyal friends/real family and etc)

    I just want to type something before I go to bed.

    1. About the girl ESTJ (13 too young and stuff and etc…….)
    Well I just want to let her
    (and obviously everyone else(all my 100% loyal friends/real family) ( know some things)

    1. I know she’s 13 and too young and etc… but I guess I’m just typing this because I’m a 4.

    Well I just wanted say that IF she was old enough and stuff………. then everything I said before would of applied
    (although I still have two 7 wings so like maybe once in FIVE YEARS)

    But yeah, I guess that my point is that I wanted to let her know that she’s special to me and like I’m only willing to do it for her and stuff lol. (And when I say “she’s special to me” I mean it. It’s not like
    “oh if I get infatuated with another girl it’ll be the same with her.” NO.
    What I mean when I say
    “she’s special to me, it’s means that she’s the one and only EVER in whole entire life period.”

    And the reason for that? Well you could make the argument that
    “oh you’re just saying that but you’ll go back on your word”

    My response to that would be

    1.Well no, because yes, although technically “infatuation is infatuation” HOWEVER the “recipe that makes an infatuation” is different and unique ever single time. Some infatuations are unforgettable and some you can forget in a matter of days/months.

    Anyhow, that’s just the idea, you get the idea .
    And I’m not infatuated with her anymore but, that’s just the idea.

    And also “everything in this post is JUST FOR THE RECORD”.

    And like future things with girls will be like ehhh… idk just normal stuff lol.
    (oh and also, even though I am ESFP, I’m still a 6 and I think before I do, and so stuff like STD’s like I will literally ask like “go get an STD doctor proof before sex and stuff and “asking to see id” before sex and stuff no worries LOL)
    (But still I’m not like “that type of person” anyways and you’ll all find out soon enough, like in a real relationship prob like once every 5 months)
    ( again 5 years is only for her ESTJ, 13 and too young and stuff, because she’s special to me.)

    Ok and I’m going to bed now.

    Thanks for reading! (To all my 100% loyal friends/real family and etc………)

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