Aachis Biryani Kadai – Dindigul – Tasty Non Vegetarian Food In Dindigul


Aachis Biryani Kadai – Dindigul – An Eatery In Dindigul Serving Fantastic Non Veg Food
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A good place providing excellent food. They take orders in a different way, there is no menu card system here. They show you the actual dish and take your order, you can ask them to prepare it in any style you want. The mutton biryani is excellent.., you have to try it if you here. The meals with different gravies like mutton, chicken , fish all has to be tried. Over all its a good place to tingle your tastebuds !!
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  1. Bro, After seeing this I try at this hotel on Jan 1 2019..It was really Awesome…And I will say the Briyani provided here is much more better than Nearby Thalapakatti and Ponram… I am damn sure bro… Thanks for your review..keep growing ✌️

  2. Not keeping a proper menu…..means these idiots want to exploit non locals….I taste is pro TAMIL PEOPLE…..we can understand that every Indian is proud of being something……But can you tell me, is this the way you become gullible and want to exploit non-tamilians….a proper restaurant should be transparent and come out with white and black…….An idiot's review for an indecent restaurant.

  3. Try murugan thattu Vilas at erode. marapalam area very oldest hotel it's start only in eve 7 to 9.30 only try it sir

  4. Dindigul la jilebi krishnaiyar shop irukku.. thats a sweet stall….
    Very very old shop.like iruttu kadai in Tirunelveli…
    Anga evening 4.'o clock kizhangu masal onnu bannana leave vechu pottalam pottu kudupanga.. taste chance eh illa… avlo taste ah irukum.. and wheat halwa saaptu paarunga .. naan sollala.. neenga saaptutu apram sollunga… vaaila vechathum enga pochu nu theriyathu.. oru thadava angayum visit panunga
    N.V.G.P theatre just opposite….. antha shop irukku… bus stand la irunthu just half a kilo metre than walkable distance… must try it bro….

  5. Bro… dindigul poningalae…. anga sapda oru important aana item irukku… that is sirumalai bannana…
    Thats also famous.. and also having so much of nutrition and medicinal benefits in this bannana…. people from other states used to buy whenever visit dindigul.. if u go 4 next time… marakkaama sapdunga…

  6. Ada enga ooru….. hmm aachi supurb hotel bro…. venu hotel um semma famous after thalapakatti…. neenga angayum try panunga.. but aachi um supurb thaan
    Great job… i taste … congrats….
    Trichy la Bannana leaf nu oru hotel irukku.. i think u know very well… angayum biriyani and NV items ellam awesome ah irukum..
    Angayum try panunga bro

  7. full of color powder here…the color wont go even aftr washing the hands…other den tat food ll b tastier here…

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    Thank you.

  9. bro Thanjavur sadhars restaurant which is located near maharaja silks…. try pannunga bro…
    great food taste

  10. Wow great food with good ambience, price is also reasonable. I have a question for you. You seem to be traveling every weekend. But actually where are you based? I hope you are from Trichy. Are you?

  11. Thank you for this video, this remind me my school days i used to have my lunch in this hotel while going back to hostel after my vacation , please try VENU briyani in Dindigul

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