What I Eat In A Day As A Model | Healthy & Easy Quarantine Meals + My Granola | Sanne Vloet #WithMe


What I Eat In A Day As A Model – Corona Edition | My Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner While In Isolation, Cooking My First Ever Recipe + Vegan & Vegetarian Recipes | Sanne Vloet #WithMe
Hi guys,
How is everyone doing? I learned a new phrase this week called cabin fever. Someone asked if I had cabin fever yet and I didn’t know what it was. To be honest, I have been feeling a little unmotivated and I haven’t stayed on top of my routines as much as I should have. That means I’m going to challenge myself for the next three weeks start my day with five mindful breaths! We should all challenge ourselves to do something everyday consistently and call it #MeTime.
This video might be my favorite What I Eat In A Day yet! I was able to share my first ever recipe that I cooked when I was twelve years old, a really healthy tasty vegan vegetable tajin that you can try to make with vegetables that you have from your local supermarket. I’ve been making granola twice a week now so we always have a fresh batch. Who here has tried to make my granola recipe before? I love the way my home smells after we make a fresh batch of granola.
I’m not sure if this is your first time watching a video, but thank you for being here with me today. If you’re not subscribed it would be amazing if you decided to join our little community. This has been such a positive space for me for years and I hope that we can all come together to support a cause in our community together. Please leave your comments, idea’s, and vote on ideas others share.
I”ll be responding to messages today and if you haven’t texted me your savable contact card already make sure you do that so I can save you into my phone.
I’ll speak to you guys in the comments below!
My favorite Matcha Brands
– Naoki Matcha – https://amzn.to/3dzBh0q & Sorate Matcha https://bit.ly/2yoYQZL
Home made granola recipe find my video here: https://bit.ly/2JyNXXz
-2 cups of oats
-½ cup of sunflower seeds
-½ cup pumpkin seeds
-½ cup hempseed
-½ cup chiaseed
-( flaxseed is also optional)
-1 cup shaved almonds or almonds in pieces
-1 cup pecan nuts in pieces
-½ cup of hazelnuts in pieces
-Add a pinch of salt
-Maple syrup
-½ cup of melted coconut oil
-350F or 180C for 20 minutes in oven
-Ezekiel Wrap
-Black Beans out of a can
-Red Bell pepper
-1 Egg
-Spices: Paprika, Cumin, Salt Pepper, Chili Powder
-Toppings: Jalapeños, Coriander, Jalapeno sauce
Find Recipe by Domestic Goddess: https://bit.ly/2UDoGC9
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