Trying Vegan/Vegetarian food | Abira & Dúaa


Hi Guys,
I hope you all are well and keeping safe.
It is very sad times at the moment, please stay indoors.
Lots of love to you and your loved ones. We can get through this together ❤️
We recorded this content a while ago and we thought we may as well upload it for you guys.
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  1. me watching dua and abi since day one
    me also starting to watch man like mobeen and not realising its dua i’m shocked

  2. Who cares if your hair is straight or not ?only you! I tried to watch this for the food aspect but your extreme make up & your painful vanity made it super boring & irritating.

  3. I legit live 5 mins from where you parked
    Big up brum!!
    And I love u duaa!!

  4. Love your videos keep it up and nice AF1s make sure you don't crease them 🙂

  5. I beg you babe, I beg you babe, I beg you baby kick it to the left now
    If you wanna eat it no pressure
    I only do Range, no Tesla
    Balmain drippin, umbrella
    I'm tryna love you like a gangsta
    Baby would you answer?
    I give you love, mek her give it to you faster
    'Cos you're fu**in with a gangsta

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