$5 Meal Challenge – Vegetarian Meals on a Budget: Aldi


I joined other YouTubers in the $5 meal challenge. See how I stretch out $5 to make nine vegetarian meals from Aldi. These budget friendly picks will keep you fed when money is tight. Number one in a series of four: I ‘m doing the $5 meal challenge for vegetarian meals and vegan meals at both Aldi and Dollar Tree.
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Vegetarian recipes:
Intro Music:
• Song: Extreme Energy (Music Today 80)
• Composed & Produced by : Anwar Amr
• Video Link: https://youtu.be/8ZZbAkKNx7s


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  1. Aldi had no oats for little money? I’ve seen your Dollar Tree(?) Video first and compared to this, these meals look rlly poor 🙁 (I’m sure you made the most of it) I read that the poverty line in the USA is.. $1,50 I guess, would be nice to see what you make out of $7,50, like others in that challenge 🙂 gives you a little more variety at least

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