The Best Cheap Vegetarian Food in Singapore


I spent some time in Singapore and wanted to show you all some of the cheap vegetarian food I ate while there!
Places mentioned in this video:
Jin You Yuan Vegetarian (Berseh Food Centre)
166 Jln Besar, Singapore 208877
$4 Bee Hoon Soup, $6 Sweet & Sour Pork, $2.50 Bee Hoon Noodles, $4 Stir-Fried Hor Fun.
Vegetarian Stall near Victor Veggie (Circuit Road Food Centre)
79A Circuit Rd, Singapore 371079
$4 Laksa with Egg ($3.50 without), $3.50 Kway Chap with Egg ($3 without).
Tang Leng Chay Vegetarian (Circuit Road Food Centre)
79A Circuit Rd, Singapore 371079
$2.50 Vegetarian Char Siew Rice.
Fu Ming Carrot Cake (Redhill Food Centre)
85 Redhill Ln, Singapore 150085
$3 Carrot Cake
Xuan Miao Vegan (Paya Lebar Square)
60 Paya Lebar Rd, Singapore 409051
$6.50 Vegetarian U-Mian Dry
Buddha Tooth Relic Temple
288 South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058840
$3 (Donation-Based) Noodles or Rice with Fake Meat, Tofu, Veggies
33 Vegetarian Food (409 AMK Market and Food Centre)
409 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, Singapore 560409
$3 Chicken Rice
Healthy Vegetarian (Amoy Street Food Centre)
7 Maxwell Road MND Building Annexe B, Singapore 069111
$4 Noodles or Rice with Fake Meat, Tofu, Veggies (No Garlic or Onions)
Living Wholesome Vegetarian Food (Bukit Timbah Food Centre)
51 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 588215
$6 Thunder Tea Rice
Komala Vilas
76-78 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 217981
$4 Masala Dosai
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  1. I know this is 3 months after but for other vegetarian visitors to Singapore, there's a building near Bugis & Bras Basah named Fortune Centre with a collection of vegetarian restaurants on its ground floor. It's mostly Chinese-style vegetarian (like most of the dishes Riley showed here) but with a wider variety to choose from. Or if you're looking for other vegetarian options, Indian-style stalls (at hawker centres, food courts, etc) also have a good selection for a different pallet – e.g. masala dosai, briyani – but they usually wouldn't label themselves as vegetarian as they serve other meat dishes too.

  2. Just a heads up, Tamil is pronounced like the “te” sound in tear and “mel” in camel
    Paya Lebar is pronounced as “paya LAY-bar”
    Bukit Timah is bukit TEA-mah

    Glad you enjoyed your time here, hope you come back soon! 🙂

  3. So the 'carrot cake' was squishy because it's not made of just radish on its own, but radish grated into a 'rice cake' batter of rice flour + water, and then the whole thing steamed in a tin/pan, forming a 'white carrot cake' that's then cooled and cut into cubes.
    Those cubes are then fried with the egg to form the final dish 🙂

  4. nice!! I’m glad you enjoyed Singapore 🙂 rlly excited to see you came to sg!! they all look so deli

  5. Heyy riley i rlly love your vids and i just want to tell you how much of a big fan i have become. You have helped me change views on genders and sexualitys. I am more comfterable with the way i am now. Please respond back i would really love to have a chat over text or anything. Thanks, love you

  6. I love travel vlogs centered around food, it's really nice to see what the local cheap street foods are around the world, and Singapore seems wonderful for nice cheap vegetarian street food ! ^^
    I'm super happy that you've enjoyed your travels so much <3

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