Best Of Nigella Lawson's Vegetarian Dishes | Compilation


Watch for some of Nigella’s best vegetarian dishes, including flat-bread pizzas, courgette fritters, and more!


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  1. Not great vegetarian recipes . Shame , I normally like Nigela's recipes. The 'pizzas' were awful !. And the courgette rounds looked very 'eggy '. BTW , Eggs are not vegetarian! They are still a form of life .

  2. Fish sauce, eggs r not vegetarian at all stock I m not sure about she used chicken stock or vegetable stock

  3. Novella I'm a great fan of your cooking you made a boozy sherry trifle I hope that was not bristol cream sherry I can do a boozy grouse whisky it will make u dance would u like the recipe I make a Dundee cake for the sponge part

  4. As pretty as beetroot is I cannot get past the flavor of dirt. The only time I was able to eat it was when it was pickled. The sweetness going on somehow made the dirt like flavor less annoying.

  5. When she snapped those rubber gloves and said, "Don't worry. Matron is going to be very gentle with you," I swear the camaraman shuddered just a little. I know I did.

  6. "I think it's going to be wet work." One can only hope.
    Also, I could watch her chop parsley all day long.

  7. Yum! Great ideas and herb combos. Za'atar is divine. I like horseradish in my sour cream on beets. And there are now vegetarian/vegan "fish" sauces 🙂 Thank you!

  8. fish sauce vegetarian? I think not…and it got worse. nothing like showing a big piece of dead animal to pee off any vegetarian…

  9. Pink from head to toe.
    Did you see her jump back when she turned on the blender.
    So funny, she looked at the camera and smiled.
    so cute . Jbn

  10. Nigella is an amazing cook….Love her recipes, simple, elegant, and everything in between. Still looks wonderful, doesn't she?

  11. I said it before and I am going to say it again I just love everything about Nigella and her cooking.
    Nigella is awesome and gorgeous chef. I really enjoy watching Nigella's videos.
    Nigella Lawson is a great chef,
    her recipes are extremely delicious.
    Thank you very much indeed for sharing

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