Support One World Café in Baltimore City, Maryland as well as Other Veggie Restaurants in the USA & Canada

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Photo from One World Cafe

As most of you know, the restaurant industry is struggling during the Pandemic. If you’re able to, now is a good time to pick-up or have delivered food from a local vegan restaurant. See The Vegetarian Resource Group online Guide to Veggie Restaurants in the USA and Canada:

Photo from One World Cafe

For those living in Baltimore City, many of us in The VRG office especially enjoy delicious food from One World Café. In addition to their usual menu, they also offer vegan specials each weekend that are outstanding! For example, some of their previous specials include: Tofu fajita with grilled peppers, onions and quinoa bowl with seasoned black beans, cabbage salad and slice avocado; Middle Eastern salad and falafel platter; Grilled polenta with tofu triangles in an onion gravy and served with sautéed navy beans with spinach and mushrooms; and Curry chickpea and veggies over organic quinoa with roasted sweet potatoes served with a mango chutney. Their food features whole foods and not just processed foods. Presently they are open Wednesday through Sunday for pick-up, delivery, and limited outdoor and indoor dining. They are located near JHU’s Homewood Campus. See:

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