Best Latin American Websites with Information on Calcium in the Vegan Diet

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Photo by Odette Olivares

By Odette Olivares

The Vegetarian Resource Group intern Odette Olivares decided to try veganism
(after watching the documentary, Earthlings), she was a teenager living in
Mexico. She bumped into many sites that offered comprehensive information about
vegan nutrition, but she still had many questions. Since she knew that many new
Latin American vegans might be going through the same situation, she created a
selection of the best Latin American websites with information on calcium for
vegans. It is completely possible to obtain all the calcium we need from a
vegan diet, but we want reliable sources.

     Spanish and Portuguese-language websites
were evaluated according to four categories: author and sources reliability;
information accessibility; completeness and correctness; and inclusion of Latin
American recipes high in calcium. Are you curious to know which are the
websites with the highest scores? Take a look at this selection:

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