Chilies in Vegan Recipes

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By Lucia Rivera, VRG Intern

Chilies can be roasted,
ground, stuffed, or used as toppings, but they always add to a dish in one way
or another. This remains true for chilies used in vegan recipes, whether it be
in a red salsa, salad, or any other dish.

     There is also a wide variety of chili
types, and while some are often served stuffed, others are more commonly used
cooked and ground. Here is one example of how to use jalapeño peppers in a
vegan dish:

Chilies Stuffed with Beans

(4 servings)

Recipe provided by Odette Olivares Sanchez, VRG Intern


jalapeño peppers, with veins removed (without seeds)

onion, sliced

cups water

Tablespoons of vinegar

cups of refried beans

cup of cooked and seasoned brown rice

Laurel leaf (bay leaf)

shredded cheese to taste

Salt to taste

Recipe instructions:

chilies and onions for 5 minutes. Later, add water and vinegar. Add Bay leaf
and salt to taste. Boil everything until it softens.

     Mix beans and rice and set aside.

     Once chilies are ready, drain and fill
them with the mixture of beans and rice.  Serve with onions used to cook the chilies and
sprinkle with vegan cheese.

Meanwhile, this recipe from Dora’s Table
makes use of chile chilhuacle negro, chile chilhuacle rojo, chile Mulato, and
chile Pasilla in order to pull off a great vegan Oxacan mole negro!

Here are some more great
vegan recipes that include chilies!

In salsa:


In soups and stews:

In salad:

When using chilies it is
important, however, to pay attention to the recipe to make sure that the
planned flavor comes through! Many recipes require cutting out the seeds of
dried or fresh chilies prior to grinding or chopping.

More chile pepper recipes can
be found here.

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