Latin American Vegan Foods High in Calcium

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By Odette Olivares, VRG Intern

Latin American gastronomy is the outcome of conventional
aboriginal food enhanced by components that Spaniards, Africans,
Portuguese, French, and also individuals from various other societies caused their arrival to
Latin America. The diet regimen of aboriginal individuals made use of to be abundant in plant foods
with modest amounts of pests, fish, as well as meat. They did not utilize to
take in milk, cheese, or various other milk items, yet they were evidently able to
obtain sufficient calcium from their diet plans.

Many thanks to the environment of Latin America, this area has
offered the globe with a plentiful range of plant foods high in calcium. In
enhancement, native individuals from the area that is currently Mexico, Guatemala, El
Salvador, Honduras, and also Nicaragua, enriched Latin American gastronomy by
creating a food preparation method called nixtamalization, which boosts maize
(corn) taste while boosting its dietary residential properties.

Some typical Latin American recipes made with great
resources of calcium are received the table in this short article.

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