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Hey guys today, we’re, going to be talking about weird foods that if you’re vegetarian, I bet you didn ‘ T know that you couldn’t eat. Well, maybe you do because you’re, a better person than I am, but being vegetarian.

Now I have been tested Arian for almost nine years now and I turned full vegetarian. Like a couple months ago, I don’t. Remember what day I decided to do that, but maybe, like six months ago I went full vegetarian, so I have always been a terrible at sharing.

I guess, because a lot of these foods I have had to learn are not vegetarian at all. I’ve, eaten a lot of these things, thinking that they were vegetarian because common sense. You would think that’s, the sharing they don’t meat products in it before we get into it being vegetarian being vegan.

It’s, all a learning process. It’s. Okay, if you’ve eaten these things, your whole life, not thinking. If there were animal products and meat products in them, it’s. Just you know it’s, the way of life.

We all learn things, and I learned these things hella late in the game, but that’s. Okay, at least I know now the first two things kind of go hand-in-hand, so I’m, going to start with those beginning with cheese, a lot of harder like aged cheeses, such as parmesan grier, things like that, have run it in it, which is Actually, derived from a calf stomach what it does to the cheese I don’t know this isn’t a science video, my favorite cheese of all time, the caramelized onion cheese from Trader Joe ‘

S is, in fact not vegetarian, which broke my hearts, but it also has red in it. So if you’re kind of a tube sorry, so that leads into pesto. This is what started this whole train of process and train of learning pesto is not the chip.

Well, they do make vegetarian custo because usually it’s, just like basil and pine nuts olive oil things like that. In fact, I recommend, if you’re vegan or sharing to make your own at home, because changes are the ones at the store contain the parmesan in it, which now we know Arjun has calf stomach in it.

So next we got some cereals. I know what you’re thinking, what the hell is in a cereal that is made from an animal across too many weeks that was weird to learn there’s gelatin in it. Why is there gelatin in a cereal who knows which, if you didn’t know, gelatin is derived from animal and like hooves and stuff like that, so it is in fact not vegetarian Lucky Charms, because guess what Lucky Charms have image, but you cannot Eat a vegetarian marshmallows, they do make begin marshmallows vegetarian marshmallows, I’m, not sure if you can buy at like a regular grocery store or gifted by the specialty store like Whole Foods or nugget Twinkies, which this is one that I’Ve heard of before which only Twinkies regularly like or at all, I’m, obviously not anymore, but I never really was asking Twinkies that much whatever they contain beef fat.

Why? I don’t really know it’s cheesecake. I know there could be gelatin in it, so just make sure you pay attention the ingredients list on your cheesecake. I’m, not sure if you go to a restaurant like I’m, not really one to ask at a restaurant.

Does your cheesecake have a gelatin? No, no! If they’re gonna know. You know this check. If you’re buying another store or something check the ingredients to see if gelatin is in fact in it now some dips this one.

I just kept on my own. Some of these. I, like research, online, weird foods that vegetarians can’t eat this. Why I discovered on my own, there was a crown like onion King Joffrey, like onions, especially of the criminalize onion variety, so Carl and onion dip.

It was really good at Trader Joe’s. I looked at the ingredients. There was gelatin in it. I think it just makes it that kind of, like gelatinous consistency, that some dips have this, probably an obvious one.

To many of you guys out there jelly candy a lot of like gummy, bears and worms. You know those kind of like jelly candies have gelatin in it. Of course. However, all sour patch kids vegan for summer worchestershire sauce has anchovies in it.

Now this produce guys, probably don’t, use this on a regular basis. It’s used in like Bloody Mary. Some recipes call for this. I’ve used it in the past, but there is an chilies in it Caesar dressing. Now a lot of people like think.

Oh, I’m, going to order a salad at a restaurant. A lot of dressings at restaurant food stuff typically have some kind of animal like fat in it or it’s made with anchovies, such as Caesar dressing. Fried beans are often mistaken for being vegetarian because they’re, just beans right mash up beans, but a lot of times have animal fat in it, but they do make vegetarian can recite beans.

I bought those in the past soup. Soup is a huge thing because if it’s like a French onion soup, you’re, not really expecting there to be any animal products in it, or especially like meat product in it, which funny story going with the soupy Panera.

Bread has a French onion soup right delicious. I was definitely ill one day and Sarah number two and John Michael, my roommate. They decided to be really good best friends right and they bought me soup and they brought me this French onion soup.

To me, when I was sick, I ate it all. It was so good find out a year later it’s, not vegetarian. I still teach them about it. To this day, I’m, not like mad about it. It’s, not there. You know they didn’t know what a lot of soup has chicken or beef stock.

It’s, usually made of that even vegetarian soups, like vegetable suits that you see in the store like the Campbell’s foods. A lot of them are made with stock that’s made from chicken or beef. So just try and get one that’s, made of veggie stock or suspended cherry on it, and you’re in wine.

This one was really interesting to find out today there’s. This ingredient called Isaac laughs it’s, derived from a fish bladder and for the clarification process of the beer and wine. However, it’s, not actually in the final product.

So when you’re drinking it, you’re, not a seed, drink and fish bladder, but it is used in the process of making the beer and wine. So it really just gets down to like you know how picky do you really want to be with your vegetarian or veganism? You know what I mean white sugar, which this one we learned back in like high school, that they use bone char to whiten.

It vanilla ice cream. This one was interesting there’s, a natural flavoring ingredient, so you don’t even know if it’s in there. But if it’s, analyzed your missus natural flavoring added or whatever that chose to be historian.

It’s. Beaver budgies yeah there’s, this juice of that beavers used to like mark their territory. I think or like mark their scent and apparently a really nice flavor and aroma to vanilla ice cream. So there you go orange juice, so a lot of orange juice is incorporated with omega-3s, because you know we all know that we did our mega threes but orders.

Just have Omega 3, which is usually direct from fish. However, the Tropicana brands and Pepsi brands. I guess Pepsi makes or shoes I don’t, really know our safe and our vegan red candy this one. Actually it’s kind of like the scandal that happened with Starbucks because they were using carmine, I think, and one of their syrups that made something red.

Carmine is basically ground-up beetles, which beetles are still animals. They are on this earth. We don’t, kill things to eat them, you know in plans, so if you ever see an ingredient, this is natural red number for that is carmine and you’re eating field juice and, lastly, barbecue potato chips.

This might seem obvious, but a lot of times these animal fat to flavor it’s. Personally, I love arms if there are vegan and vegetarian options. Of course, there are certain brands that don’t have it in there to check the ingredients.

A lot of this just comes down to looking at the ingredient list, knowing what you can and can’t eat such as gelatin carmine, red number. Four, you know anything like that: beef, fat, chicken stock things like that those are just obviously not vegetarian.

So I personally, I check ingredients on everything now that I’ve like researched, like looked up and discovered certain things that I didn’t know I couldn’t eat as a vegetarian. The cheese one really gets me.

You know like the parmesan and stuff like that: it’s really weird to me, and I’d love for you guys to share what you’ve discovered, is not or through your own research down below. That may be a skipped on this list.

Obviously this is not everything that is not vegetarian. That’s. Weird. Let me know your thoughts down below least more requests for future. No makeup Monday’s. I can’t believe we’ve been doing this for, like I, don’t know how many weeks straight, like I’ve missed a couple weeks here and there.

This is the most consistent video, like top it like not topic, but video segment on a channel that I’ve ever done anyway. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I’ll talk to you soon. I

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