Lockdown? Chitchat with me about fitness, food life Gossips and more Video Episode Bhavna's Living


When you need a little extra motivation or inspiration on your fitness, my old school fitness, yoga for beginner, meditation, food habits and more…sending positive vibes in the time like this! This episode includes my morning yoga Asana routine as well.
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  1. Hi Bhavna,
    Thanks for sharing your yoga routine.
    Which brand yoga belt do you use and where can I buy that?

  2. I always follow bhavnas videos as a inspiration for me.hope il be able to grow up as you, give me your support friends. It’s actually about DIY . Help me to grow my channel . Love you all

  3. Thank you for the very inspiring video. I always wanted to start a healthy exercise routine, you gave me the push. BTW, I always wondered which state do you live in?

  4. Hi Bhavna so much positive vibes while watching ur video too… thanks for spreading positive energy n thoughts… you r an inspiration.. wanted to check with you about the lower back ache issue that I recently started getting after starting workout of shilpa shetty… I was loving workout but after 8 days I started getting lower back pain (not severe though) but I can sense it.. this is the first time I started working out regularly… from ur experience what do u think could be reason or what should I do ( I know u r not professional) but just trying to get ur idea…… pl help me

  5. Hi! Could you make a video on your neighborhood, your neughbours. Are you living in an Indian neighborhood? Your life with friends in the States

  6. I have fallen away from this practice. Thank you for inspiring me to return to my healthful practices.

  7. Can you make a video on your different yoga routines or recommend a dvd or video that will be helpful. Thank you.

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