3 Weeks of Cooking Vegan Meals


My girlfriend is vegan and I’m the least picky eater ever so I’ve just been eating all the food that fits her diet.
Almost every clip from the last few weeks has been cooking so this is now a vegan cooking video.
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  1. if you like spirits with dr pepper, id go with southern comfort, its a cheap whiskey you should be able to find a smaller bottle for like $10 or less

  2. i like food vlogs and both of you ! keep doing it , im vegan and the recipes she made look dope af

  3. Tofu is ridiculously good at absorbing flavour, my almost vegan friend in Canada uses tofu a lot and always tells me about it. Love the vlogs by the way! At least you get chest hair, I'm 24 and I have a few dark hairs but nothing bushy. Keep it trim for Kara, she'll love it! Ps; still the cutest couple ❤️

  4. Wow I can’t believe she kept the laptop I gave her after all of these years (ok I’m sorry I had to)

  5. 2 quid for some whiskey? I gotta go to Oklahoma! that close up when you were asking if the laptop was here had me cracking up haha! Well done for saving the spider!

  6. Fried plantains are best fully green (bananas are better brown/yellow), then if you smash them into flatter disks (maybe 1/4 inch thick) after they are sliced, they make incredible french-fry-like things! Lived in Haiti for a while and they were made daily and are a staple dish there

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