What's In the Box? We bought the Morrisons Essentials vegetarian food box. Was It worth £35?


The highly anticipated unboxing of our essentials food box! Well after waiting a week and with little else to do this was definitely the highlight of our day, and quite possibly our week!


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  1. I've watched 3 of these videos from different people and the fresh stuff always seem to be use by within 2 days of the video being posted i.e. video posted 2 April Potatoes Use by 4 April, is this always the case?

  2. Just thought it was an awesome and informative video. Might consider ordering one of these now thanks to this video (not to come across flirty or anything) I subscribed btw. Shame about the pasta!

  3. As a person living in a vegetarian household, i really appreciate this video a lot! Thanks a for this enlightening video log! <3<3<3

  4. I got a very similar selection. They sent three packs of rice and no pasta, a pack of halloumi cheese, Veg soup was Heinz and got broccoli instead of cabbage. I love the mystery aspect of it. I'll certainly order again.

  5. Delightful content, may you keep on sharing these informations with us.

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