Watch Me Pretend I Can Cook | Easy Vegetarian Meal Prep!


thumbs up for a messy kitchen!! LOL Instagram @kittysnack Snapchat – Katiesacc RECIPES! Breakfast Burritos Cooked diced potatoes seasoned with salt, …


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  1. I appreciate you sharing this video. I tried to film a baking video with my boyfriend working the camera years ago… it took hours and so much cleaning afterwards. Thank you ! Love your content ☺️

  2. When you said “Pfft.. I don’t fucken kno.” I laughed so hard. That pasta sauce looks sooooo goooooodd. Thank you so much please so more!

  3. First: love the apron
    Second: great ideas for vegetarian meals
    Third: im a home cook with 2 girls and trust me still a tornado and step on food all the time
    Fourth: i would love to see more of these videos from you

  4. Loooooved this style of filming for you ! Please make more cooking videos cuz I'm always bored of the food I eat and i need new meals

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