Join Me In The Kitchen – Let's Make A Substantial & Tasty Vegetarian Meal


This is not a recipe – it’s just an invitation to join me in the kitchen, where we will prepare a satisfying and nutritious vegetarian meal, using ingredients mostly from a recent mini foodhaul video (here:, plus some of my foraged and homemade ingredients.


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  1. This looks like it would basically be a legendary bowl of veggie chili. This looks marvelous! Your videos have been incredibly relaxing during this difficult time. From the other side of the Atlantic, I wish you only the best!

  2. I should get a slow cooker that size, this looks amazing, I am all about beans. So look forward to finding chanterelles and lobster this summer, and black trumpets maybe, and the hedgehogs, oh and the oysters lol

  3. Love this; getting so many vitamins and minerals! Would just like to suggest nutritional yeast too, adds a nutty/cheese flavour and is a good source of vitamin b12, which vegans may struggle to get.

  4. just shows you that you dont need any meat or animal products to have a fulfulling and satisfying meal, and all those veg and beans must have tons of protein and vitamins and fiber. This probably also costs half of what the omnivore recipe must have cost

  5. For the canned tomato paste, if you pierce a small hole in the bottom of the can, much like those caramel creme desert thingy's, the paste slides out once you open the ring pull with a few taps. I know you like efficiency so you'd maybe appreciate it instead of using a butter knife.

  6. Again, very late to the party… just wanted to mention that you can also grind dried mushrooms into a powder using an electric coffee grinder. Then you can kind of use them like powdered stock and you don't notice the rubbery texture in the dish.

  7. Here I thought I was an oddball for ALWAYS trying to get every last bit of foody goodness out of cans, lol. Guess it comes from growing up poor, but wasting any little bit of food was just wrong. Love your care and attention to detail when cooking, you GET it, cooking is about putting yourself into the dish, not just tossing random ingredients together. Always love your work, keep it up!

  8. This is such an amazing channel. Id honestly say its in my top 20. How you aren't more popular, I have no idea. I suppose everyone is more interested in watching the loudest or most controversial channels and they don't feel that they have time to just hang out and join you while you make a nice looking filling for a nice looking meal. Well, surely I have more than enough time for your wholesome and, quite frankly, wonderful content. I think it's about time I stop ending up on one of your videos at the end of a long day and I subscribed.

  9. from a devout carnivore, that actually looks quite tasty… it was looking kinda OK but then the cheese sold it !

  10. I know Mike has said the above is not a recipe but this is:


    For the vegetable mix:
    1 large Onion


    1 1/2 stick of Celery

    Garlic bulb

    2 peppers

    2 – 3 carrots

    3 x tomatoes on the vine


    Olive oil

    Slow cooking
    3/4 pint Crabs eye beans

    small tin of Tomato puree

    Dried mushrooms

    Pickled walnuts / Worcestershire sauce

    Veg stock
    Can of chopped tomatoes

    Dash of Smoked Paprika

    A large teaspoon of Dried herbs

    A cup of green lentils

    3/4 of a cup of pearled spelt


    Powdered star anise
    Dried seaweed

    For final dishing up:
    Large flatbread/ wrap

    Shredded cabbage

    Spring onion

    Red pepper

    Grated cheese


    Set oven at 200c

    Chop all the vegetables in the vegetable mix (except the garlic) and put into a roasting tray. Cover with some salt and some olive oil and toss until all the vegetables are dressed in the oil.

    Put in the oven until the fluid from the vegetables has reduced and they have caramelised (2 hrs-ish at 200c)
    . At about an hour take it out to take the tomatoes off the vines and give everything a stir.

    Once cooked take it out to let the vegetable mix cool down. Once cool put it and the cloves of garlic in a bowl.

    Put the vegetable mix and slow cooking ingredients into a slow cooker for 6 – 8 hours.

    Put it with the final dishing up ingredients into a flatbread/ wrap and enjoy.

    Could also use the vegetarian meal with rice/ pasta/ etc.

  11. That looks good, I would throw some avocado slices on there too and some pickled red onions and cucumbers

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