Easy Vegetarian Meal Prep – Eritrean/Habesha Infusion


I’ve been experimenting with cooking healthier meals lately and have especially been making efforts to eat less meat and dairy. I still consume eggs and chicken on rare occasions but most of my main meals are vegan or vegetarian. I want to start sharing how easy it is to eat healthy inexpensively and while saving time. I also want to ensure I incorporate Eritrean or Habesha cooking styles/meals that I learned to prepare thanks to my mom.
Please let me know if you want to see more videos like this.
Some helpful links to help you determine how much in macro and micro nutrients you should be consuming daily.
Daily Macro Goals:
Carbs – 277g
Protein – 185g
Fats – 69g
Here is a breakdown of the macros for this meal: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xrw_yn8_W7oXf9Dl48CG80IBxtTRpR93VNbRRgDggAI/edit?usp=sharing
This prepared meal is not quite meeting the goal but it’s a work in progress. On days I work out, my carb intake is higher than my protein intake.
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  1. And the Logo…..!!!
    About your Logo! My Opinion!
    Interchange the color you made.
    1. The two mirrored olive tree and the rope linked….change to "Yellow Colour"
    2. The Yellow one and the eye put a "Blue Colour".

  2. Muzit, I enjoyed your video! I definitely agree with you about reducing sodium ingestion. As a man, I prefer to eat from ALL food groups (meat included) after a long workout…but in MODERATION! Moderation is KEY.

  3. ive always found drinking a lot of water helps keep my hunger down especially if i stick to water for around the first half of the day

    matter fact drinking water on a vegan diet im less hungry than just doing a normal meat included diet

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