BIG VEGETARIAN RECIPE | BISI BELE BATH | Healthy Vegetables Recipe | Sambar Sadam Cooking In Village


Today we cooking vegetarian recipes for vegetation lovers. We use huge amount of vegetables to make this recipe. We made Bisibelebath recipe and raw banana recipe with healthy vegetables.
We use vegetables which are available in our village. This recipe is called sambar sadam in Tamil.


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  1. Thanks for fulfilling my request. Being a Kannadiga I loved the way it was cooked and served. You guys put in a lot of hard work, God bless. Love from Bengaluru.

  2. doesn't matter if you are cooking meat or vegetables… your dishes always looks so tasty and delicious. I wish I can have a taste of your dishes. But the thing I love the most is the way you feed those people in need. Salute to you all for that. SO MUCH LOVE FROM THE PHILIPPINES <3

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