100% Vegetarian Madrid Tapas Crawl!


A 100% delicious vegetarian tapas crawl in Madrid. In this video Yoly and I hit 6 of our favourite tapas bars in the historic centre of Madrid, and take you to amazing traditional tapas bars that do delicious vegetarian tapas! Venga, let’s go!
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Soooo many people have asked for this video. And to be honest, I have been a little nervous about making it. Why? Well, because I do eat meat and seafood. Less and less, it’s true. But it meant I didn’t feel like I would know what to tell people.
But once I started exploring and researching, I realised there were so many delicious vegetarian tapas in the places I go to every day! In fact, so many Spanish tapas bars have great vegetarian options.
So, if you want to know where we went, and what we ordered – here it all is!
1. Casa Toni
– Champiñones la plancha – Grilled mushrooms
– Patatas bravas = Spicy potatoes
– Pimientos de Padrón = Padron peppers
– Berenjenas = Battered eggplant with cane sugar
– Ensalada de tomate = Tomato salad
2. Sanlúcar
– Garbanzos con tomillo = Chickpeas with thyme
– Salmorejo (sin jamón) = Salmorejo (without ham) 🙂
– Verduras asadas = Roast vegetables
– Huevos rotos (sin jamón) = Broken eggs (without ham)
3. Pez Tortilla
Croquetas de boletus y trufa = Boletus mushroom and truffle croquetas
Croquetas de puerros confitados = Caramelised leek croquetas
Tortilla de patata = Spanish omelette
Tortilla de patata con berenjena y queso de cabra = Spanish omelette with eggplant and goats’ cheese
4. La Campana
– Bocadillo de pimientos = Fried pepper sandwich
5. El Cisne Azul
– Setas de la temporada con huevo = Seasonal wild mushrooms with egg
6. Vinoteca Vides
– Tabla de quesos = Cheese plate
5. WHO AM I? 🥝
Hola, Spain lovers! I’m James Blick. Spain is my passion! Its food, its culture, its history and its people. And I get a massive kick out of sharing everything I’ve learned with visitors to this country. My mission? To help you have a true, rich and delicious experience in Spain! If that sounds like something you’re into, then I’d love you to subscribe and join this community of Spain lovers!
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  1. Thank you so much for this video! I love your videos but I’m a vego so I’m so happy you’ve made a vegetarian food video! And I love that you didn’t go to vegetarian only places

  2. Thanks for that James, a really useful video. I'm no stranger to trying to eat vegetarian in Madrid and have found a few good veggie places over the years, as you say it can be tricky when people think that ham is a vegetable 🙂 Some great tips in there. My partner Chris likes a good craft beer, so we will definitely try some of those places on our next visit. Me, I drink cider so the Asturian Sidrerias can be good for me and there is one I like near Opera that we visit whenever we are in Madrid. We spend more time in the south and I have already done some videos on Eating Vegetarian in the Southern Spain on my channel too. Loving the channel guys. Andy

  3. But I wonder if the vegetarian food is cooked separately from the meat so that it never touches. After 25 years being a vegetarian, my food cannot even touch any meat.

  4. Superb! Bravo! Excellent. You do the best videos about Spanish tapas! So Spain is a haven for vegetarians and vegans! sin jamon? That's fine 🙂

  5. Great video as always – what about a gluten free tapas crawl – is that possible in Madrid or Barcelona?

  6. Please do a video like this for vegan food. Veganism is the fastest growing social justice movement in the world right now so I’m sure a lot of people would love to see what vegan foods you can find in Spain

  7. Hey, I was looking for this, thanks! We will be moving to Spain for a while in a few months, starting off in Madrid, but we mostly eat vegetarian at home and we were a little scared of how that would work out in pork and fish heaven. But these dishes (and places) look great!

  8. Love it, great stuff. Almost tempted to buy a plane ticket to return to Madrid just to try all of the tapas I missed the first time.

  9. Love all your videos! They are helping me a lot for my move to Spain in less than a month! I especially loved this one as I am a vegetarian myself, so Thank you!!

  10. Hola James y Yoli. Soy de Malasia y voy a viajar a España el proximo año. No como carne ni alcohol (pero mariscos, si), asi que este video es muy ùtil, muchìsimas gracias! ❤️ Me gustarìa que hagas mas vìdeos asi. I don't wanna miss out on the great food culture!

  11. Ate at Casa Toni tonight. The big guy at 0:50 served my food. Patata Bravas, pork skewer with pimientos, and of course, olives.

  12. You are the first person I've heard that speaks with 4 accents, New Zealand, Australian, Spanish and American.

  13. Ohhh i missed madrid so much 🙁 Last month i visited second time madrid and barcelona, your videos so helpful thank you very much 🙂

  14. You guys are amazing. I know Madrid like the back of my hand and have never even tried these places. I am going to go to every single place you recommend.

  15. Excelentes recomendaciones!
    Habeis ido ya por el norte? Euskadi, Asturias.. para ponerse las botas! Y por no hablar del paisaje (lagos, prados y hasta los mismisismos picos de europa!).
    Me he apenado por el caso de daltonismo y de pronto he recordado un video que vi aqui en youtube acerca de unas gafas especiales para daltonicos que permiten percibir mejor los colores (por supuesto no creo que curen, pero si que deben suponer una diferencia) gafas encroma (no se si se llaman asi o la compañia que las fabrican) creo que alguien mencionó en un comentario que se podian probar en una optica del corte inglés….
    En fin, gracias pareja por difundir que españa es algo mas que un país de fiesta, borrachera y drogas. ;D

  16. Hey James, love your videos, just wondering what sort of time you go to these bars, we go to Madrid on a semi regular basis and have been at different times of the day and they are always packed! You seem to almost have the place to yourselves!

  17. I am so sad I did not get to try a tortilla española like the ones you show in your videos. I ordered it maybe three times, the best being at the King’s palace/Catalan art museum cafe in Barcelona, but still, it lacked that very wet look like the ones you show. I think I’ll try to make one myself. Do you have any recipes or video recipes that come to mind?

  18. Aw, too bad you didn’t post this just a couple weeks ago. I was in Madrid with my family and we are vegetarian, but not to worry, I actually had watched many of your videos to find out where to go to eat on our limited one day stop in Madrid, and i decided on Cava Baja. We went to Posada del Dragón because I wanted to see the historical wall you mentioned. It was great! We had the tomatoe plate, the bravas of course (I think I have tried all the different ways they make bravas in the different regions lol), a cheese plate, and something eggy. Ugh, as a vegetarian, I love eating in Spain! Many preps are simple, but because the quality of the ingredients is so high, it’s bliss in each bite. Mahalo for all your wonderful videos!

  19. Love this videos Yoli and James ❤️. I was wondering if you are going to think about making a video of where to find the best Spanish Guitar performances? I can't wait to go back to España and one thing I cannot miss out on is experiencing the guitara. Yoli and James you are the best Spain guides!

  20. I have watched a lot of your videos and I want to say you and Oly have such great chemistry and quite obvious!! Oly – eres muy guapa!! You guys are inspiring thousands to come and visit Spain, Portugal and Europe in general. Great job. Keep it up!!!!

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