What I Eat in a Day | Veg Vlog


Return of the Veg Vlogs! Here are some vegetarian meals I cooked one day during work from home / quarantine. Make sure you stick around for the pasta!
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Music: A Caring Friend by Bad Snacks


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  1. I love that you look so great during the lock down…i look like a potato.
    Can you do a video talking about your form of birth control whatever it may be

  2. Yo those bagged hashbrowns are so good haha. fresh from a tater takes too much effort IMO. But those in a bag cook way better than frozen hashbrowns

  3. I'm so glad the veg vlogs are back! I really like the relaxed vibe of these videos 🙂

  4. I really enjoyed this video. I'm also a vegetarian and eat a diet pretty similar to yours, at least based on this video. I eat a TON of pasta, and try to get in a good amount of vegetables, but nothing too ambitious lol. And I especially appreciated your comments at the end. I just found this video very validating. Glad you've been posting so much recently–it's really been a comfort 🙂

  5. The pasta looks so good. I’ve always been too lazy to make sauce from scratch but I’m definitely gonna try it out this week cause pasta sauce from a jar just ain’t it.

  6. Awww I missed veg vlogs! It's so sweet to have you back on Youtube. I feel like in a way we got to watch you grow and it's so cool to see the strides you've made.Thank you for saying what you did about eating during crisis times. Much love <3

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