WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Healthy, Easy Vegetarian Meal Ideas


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  1. Being from Texas, I'd probably add 2 Serrano peppers to the soup and snack on the jalapeno while the soup is cooking. I wouldn't survive in the north.

  2. I was just wondering what brands of protein supplements are okay for NCAA athletes to use and not fail a drug test? I want to use protein powder but do not want to risk my eligibility!

  3. Hey! I know you probably won’t see this, but if you could please put out how u got fast enough to make D1. I’m in 8th grade and I didn’t make it to state, but I want to run at University of Oregon. Please try to help! Love you!

  4. Did you throw away your old watch? I'm a runner in highschool and can't really afford a watch right now. I know it's weird but is there any chance I can have it?

  5. made the really tough call to quit my varsity basketball team yesterday at the beginning of my 4th year. i did my acl and meniscus end of my 2nd year, had surgery that summer and rehabbed all last year, but body just wasn't able to hold up even in this pre season. i feel like i've lost my identity. any words of advice?

  6. Yo since ur obsessed with peanut butter I was wondering if u have ever tried peanut butter on a hot dog (instead of ketchup and stuff). Because my AP psych teacher randomly talked about it for like 10 seconds. Apparently he says it’s good so…

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