Vegetarian meal aboard Aeroflot flight SU 0826 over Siberia


Somewhere over Siberia I was served my usual vegetarian meal request aboard Aeroflot flight SU 0826 from Petropavlovsk to Moscow.
Here’s my personal webpage about vegetarianism:


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  1. Russian Airlines Aeroflot is known for not having vegetarian food on their flights by default. You need to book vegetarian meal in advance (up to 36 hrs prior to departure) and it is not easy to do that on the website, so you better just call them.
    But even if you book a vegetarian meal, their food options aren't that great.

  2. When I was in a plane to Saint Petersburg in the West of Russia they didn't had any meatless food :c

  3. thats one way to look at it, but if i was on flight i would expect something different and interesting

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