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In today’s vlog we do a little home DIY on the bathroom. We haven’t done one of these types of vids in a while and we’ve been really wanting to update and refresh our downstairs bathroom since we moved in! We start with a quick chat and lunch and then head to the hardware store for paint and new fixtures. Then we start the DIY. It’s not a huge job but it’ll hopefully make the bathroom look a little less dated. We also talk about the nursery and what we want to do there, but we run into some issues with furniture being out of stock, d’oh! Hopefully we’ll get started more on that soon though! We also made some vegetarian meals and we also grilled out the next night. Baby Bean wasn’t happy with the weather (it’s been storming pretty much nonstop here) but he did help us while we worked on the bathroom. Then we ended the vlog with a quick baby update! Thank you for your comments on the last weeks home vlog, it really meant a lot to us that you felt comfortable to share your journeys with us and made us feel so much better about what we’re going through while we wait to see the specialist. We have that appointment in about a week, so we’ll keep you updated on that. Thank you for watching and we’ll see you tomorrow with a new vid!
Vids we mentioned in this vid!
Last weeks home vlog- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvF2umO_6qk
Our last wallpaper fiasco- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Zxw7zaF9-g
More home DIY fun at our old house- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ItvqWwvFmQ
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Plated recipes we made in this vid!
Tomato & white bean bruschetta- https://www.plated.com/morsel/cook-this-tonight-72319-july19/
Vietnamese grilled chicken-
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  1. I have a corgi called Williston but I call him wildly and a husky named dusty and I call her dusty lou

  2. We've got two pups. One is name Hooch (my 3 year old named him) he ends up being called hoochie coohie. Our other one is Fenway. She just gets called little girl. Bathroom looks great! Love the color! You guys do a great job!

  3. My dog is a Northern Inuit (Wolf look-a-like used in Game of Thrones season 1 for the Direwolves) called Shadow and I call him Slowpoke because he is so chilled and relaxed, he takes his time everywhere, and Heffalump because he likes to try to sit on you when on the sofa but at 47kg it feels like an elephant trying to sit on your lap!

  4. So excited for you two and the baby on the way!

    Jenn… you talked about the baby bean, and asked if others had goofy nic names for their pets.
    I guess we’re really into rhyming pets names…
    Lilo is Schmee -losh (I guess that doesn’t really rhyme, lol)
    We’ve got Mango (Mango Bango) Goji (Goji Emoji) and Berry who has several (Scary Berry, Berry Christmas, and Berry Poppins)
    Good luck with the remainder of the pregnancy. Looking forward to baby updates!

  5. Can't find The Perfect bid on Netflix…. do the US carry different to the UK Netflix?? Did I hear it wrong?

  6. My cats names are Kikki and Chauncy and I call Kikki Beakis, Beeky, Beakerschnitzel, and Keekis VonBeakis and a million other things. Chauncy is Winnie, Winifred, Chaunce and Big Win amongst a million other things lol

  7. I call my puppy Freya “Nugget,” or “Freya Nugget.” She is a Pomeranian/chihuahua mix, so when she was born she was the size of the palm of my hand. When she was all curled up she looked like a little bean, so I was calling her a bean back then, but when she got bigger she wasn’t quite “bean sized” anymore. So, I decided she had graduated from bean status to nugget status because she’s still very small (smaller than most cats). She’s a light golden brown so her coat looks like a McD’s chicken nugget, so it fits her.

  8. So, my 95lb Flat-Coated Retriever's name is Atlas. But ever since he was a puppy, he'd do this thing where he would sit on your lap and slowly melt until he was laying on you. I told my husband he looked like he melted into a squishy puddle, now…the whole family calls him Squishy XD And when he goes to get groomed, if he starts to get nervous when they cut his nails or he just misses us in general, the groomers will call him Squishy instead of Atlas and he calms down.

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