ZHIMMEY: Where to Eat Vegetarian Food in Thimphu with Namgay Zam


Introducing, Yeewong Magazine’s brand new online food network, Zhimmey. Find the latest updates on restaurant listings and food in Bhutan at http://www.zhimmey.com
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Email: zhimmeybhutan@gmail.com


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  1. I didn't catch the names properly, can someone please list them in the comments? Thank you.

  2. If mention all the veggie restaurant name location both Paro and Thimphu will be helpful. We can bring guest

  3. You need to do something about that audio. Sound is cracking up. But thanks for showing that its possible to get veg food there. The food looked absolutely delicious. I'm planning on visiting Bhutan some day. Not sure how it will be outside of Thimpu for us vegetarians. Also wish you would put up the names of the restaurants prominently or in the description.

  4. Aren’t u suppose to be in Nepal? Bitch get the fuck out. Anyways u r not even a real Bhutanese.

  5. Namgay Zam needs to shut the fuck up and clam down. She feels like the world revolve around her. Annoying.

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