Morrisons Vegetarian Food Box – What's Inside? Mystery box delivered for £35 (with toilet paper)


So my flatmate likes taking chances. He decided to have a go with a Morrisons Vegetarian Food Box. Curious what’s Inside? Well he graciously allowed me to make a video so you can see everything we received in the mystery box delivered for £35 from Morrisons.
Delivering what you need
Our boxes include a selection of everyday items based on our current availability for you and your family, including food and essential household goods. You can choose between a vegetarian or a meat eaters food box to suit your lifestyle.


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  1. These boxes are meant for vulnerable people who can't leave the house or people who are self isolating. Please don't order them if you can do your own shopping ? 🙁

  2. Hey Morrisons… vegetarians eat fruit too..where was it?… what a rip off box, it must add up to about £18 and it costs £35. Like many people I am allergic to Quorn and hate meat replacements like sausages and mince. I can't eat paper towels. I hate white bread. Who puts this together? They have no idea. I had no cheese in mine, or peppers, or chocolate, or nuts etc. Most of all it's a real rip off and I was really disappointed. Morrisson's you need a vegetarian consultant. Get your act together and let us choose what goes in the box for our money. Veg Box not recommended!

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