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Enjoy the warm and uplifting goodness of comforting Korean bibimbap. Divide rice cooked with green onion, soy sauce and black pepper among bowls, then top with carrot and zucchini matchsticks cooked in sesame oil, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots and mushrooms. Top with a fried egg and serve with sweet red chili sauce on the side.
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  1. this is not bibimbap and you use a lot of oil and butter.It should be a vegetarian recipe bibimbap but you did is wrong.. 🙁

  2. This is NOT Bibimbap. I liked your recipe but I think you should change the name of the food.

  3. why do Americans eat their eggs half cook. That always turn my stomach. No wonder they have the highest rate in illness.

  4. Everything in this recipe is wrong, this is a total disaster! It's sad that people who knows nothing about authentic Korean foods write and make recipes like this, totally ruins the dish and call it Bibimbap. There should be NO bamboo shoots, eggs must be fried in vegetable oil because butter is too strong in flavour. Koreans don't use butter for cooking. Bean sprouts should be made separately using different ingredients including hot pepper powder/flakes. Spring onions should not be cooked but be sprinkled on top in a raw state. Likewise, Sesame oil should not be heated or used to cook vegetables but drizzled over on top. Most of the time rice is not fried either, just steam cooked. No idiot will put soy sauce on rice. Carrots and zucchini must be sliced finely (no big chunks). And where is the most important ingredient, hot chilli paste? No one eats Bibimbap with sweet chilli sauce (yuk!)

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