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Gordon Ramsay has done it, he’s participating in #Veganuary. He made the announcement by sharing an image of a beet wellington to instagram fans.
Jamie Oliver has released a free meal planner called Jan Plan that includes vegan options.
Guy Fieri enjoys plant-based cooking and intends to write a vegetarian cookbook.
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  1. I am starting a new plant-based cooking show for simple, affordable vegan recipes. Subscribe to my page if you're interested! Our first episode will premiere this Sunday morning!!!

  2. Vegans do not eat meat or dairy; vegetarians eat dairy. There is a big difference. Stop confusing the two or acting like they are the same.

  3. Uhu… Gordon is clearly just using veganism because now it is trending. Totally unfair to use such a good cause like this.

  4. Only thing matters to him is money; guess who has all the money to waste and prefer junk food; non vegans…

  5. Most proper chefs will never go full vegan. They might create some dishes but they know better. It’s all about the source! Butter and cheese will always be there along with delicious meat cuts.

  6. Trust me: Ramsey will soon go "Plant Based" 1. He will understand that he/others will be a healthier and better person for it and 2. He will follow the new money! 🙂

  7. Legend has it that:
    Meat eaters live on average to 76
    Vegetarians live on average to 85
    Vegans live on average to 94
    Plant-based live to 105

  8. Yep Jamie Italian he's from Essex England, his restruants are shit the one here in Cardiff was the worst food I've ever eaten, meat was dry and had no taste, I changed to plant based this year and went back there with 8 others and this time is was like eating frozen food, now they are all closed I wonder why

  9. btw, not all proteins are the same. Plant proteins are incomplete, which means they lack 1 or more essential amino acid. meat and fish proteins are however complete, which means they have all of the amino acids. so they are the best source of protein.

  10. I went to Jamie Oliver’s restaurant last year, and asked what they could make vegan (there was no vegan menu) and all they could do was make a pasta dish that had meat in it, and make it without the meat. It was a tomato pasta, with a few vegetables, and it was terrible. I vowed to never go to that restaurant ever again. I was particular peeved because I called the restaurant before going and they assured me they could make me something vegan. I assumed that they meant “vegan and something that is worth the $20 they charged me”. Boy was I wrong.

  11. I was ignorant of vegans. But gave it to try. I found great dishes and my health got better, fast. So if you skip this ideology aspect and put aside your bias it is worth trying. 🙂

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