Cook With Us! Easy, Vegetarian Meal Ideas!


HI GUYS! I hope you enjoyed cooking with us!
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  1. I also get random rashes like that on my chest and also on my back and arms. I have super sensitive skin and it is not fun… Love your vlogs!!

  2. Umm, isn't this your full time job? How do you run out of time? I know you have multiple channels, sing and travel, but most people work 50 hours a week and commute to work.

  3. This is me anytime I cook. "What's that ingredient? Is that how you cook it? Is it supposed to look like that?" Haha. Good job!

  4. honestly I would love a bunch of vlogs just clip by clip with no editing and I think that would be so much easier on you.

  5. is hello fresh similar to blue apron? what's the difference? im honestly curious if there is any/does anyone prefer one over the other??

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