What I Eat as a Vegan: Easy Spring Meals


Here’s all of the simple & easy spring-inspired food that I ate in a day as a vegan! Tell me your favorite thing you’ve eaten today in the comments below 🙂
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  1. Caitlin! I'm staying with my sister and her fiance for a few weeks and she has a nightshade sensitivity. Do you think you could share some nightshade-free vegan meals? They're doing such a service by housing me right now and I want to make dinners for them

  2. omg did you use the always pan for your pasta dish?? If so, do you like it? I'm moving soon and am considering purchasing 🙂

  3. Idk but I can’t eat tofu. Even if it’s yummy. I just don’t like that consistency, it makes me gag lmao

  4. I am not sure how to say this because I don't want others to come at me… i just want to suggest that you slow down a little bit in your voice overs because they sound super rushed, almost like you just want to get it over with, I am not sure. They kind of give me anxiety and I don't absorb much of what you're saying, but that's probably my own auditory issues. I still like your channel; it's just quite different than it used to be in terms of how you communicate with your viewers (Idk that probably made no sense)

  5. Humans eating meat are devil hellspawn, Man we should kill those lions that brutally slaughter those poor wildebeest or eating them alive, or the sea lion that chomps off penguins, or those sharks that rip off chunk of flesh, or the wolves that kills deers or Crocs that tear deers in half etc or Hawks that decapitate rabbits, come on we should cull all of these demon animals 😛

  6. Why do youtubers always use mixing bowls that are way too small? As a Chef, it’s the most aggravating fn thing to watch

  7. Hi! I love getting ideas for a more vegan diet from your channel! The only issue I have is that I HATE nutritional yeast. I know I know. I wish I did but I just can't. Is there something else I can substitute it with in your recipes? I know it will taste different obviously but there are just so many recipes you do that use it so I cant make it sadly.

  8. So true that you can’t find tofu easily lately! I’ve been experimenting with making my own out of desperation

  9. I didn't know what to have for dinner, so I made your tofu dish and pasta dinner (minus the pasta) combined. No rainbow chard, unfortunately, but I had tofu, garlic, mushrooms zucchini, Italian spices and balsamic vinegar. I never would have thought to use that combo. I will make that again. Guess my town isn't plant based. I found loads of tofu. Yay! Thanks!

  10. The pasta dish looks so good! I'm going to try to recreate it with some frozen veggies I have 🙂 Thanks for the recipe inspo!

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