Unlimited Culture – Vegetarian Food [Official Video 2014]


iTunes: http://tinyurl.com/k7mhwxx
Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/ornqnv8
Der Song wird auch auf dem Sampler des neuen Kochbuches von Da Sandwichmaker sein – Moa Fire – Nahrung für die Seele
Als Rezept haben wir einen veganen Seitanbraten reingepackt. Am Ende vom Video seht ihr das Ergebnis.
Videoproduktion: Ring-A-Ting http://ring-a-ting.de/


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  1. Just to make it clear as there is a lot of misconception. A "real" vegetarian is actually a vegan. Not in our western world as they add milk, honey and eggs to their diet but most rastafaris and people of jamaica which claim themeselves as vegetarian don't eat any animal products! Only plants! Which is great! Bless & Love.

  2. you like vegetarian food but you have NUTELLA in the kitchen and you buy in a supermarket ..it is not credible …..love healthy and natural food <3 peace

  3. Dont forget that vegetarian is absolutely useless, because the dairy industrie IS the meat industrie! Rastaman such as Macka B sometimes refer to vegetarian as vegan, seems to be the same thing to him haha, anyway, if you actually want to change anything, go vegan!

  4. hahaha loving the food Idren nuff love keeping the ites alive in the heart of babylon mi seh mooore fiyah
    blessed love

  5. I love the vocalist his voice, his energy, (not to mention he's pretty!) this song just makes me wanna jump around happily ^-^ .. funny how this song has been around for 3 years already, yet I only discovered it today =P .. love and hugs to everyone <3

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