Top 10 Countries to Visit if You’re Vegan


Top 10 Countries to Visit if You’re Vegan Subscribe:
If you don’t eat meat, dairy or eggs, travelling to certain destinations can indeed be tricky. Welcome to MojoTravels and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Countries to Visit if You’re Vegan.
For this list, we’re looking at the best places to travel if you follow a strict vegan diet.
10: Germany
9: Malaysia
8: England
7: Thailand
6: Sri Lanka
5: Israel
4: Ethiopia
3,2,1 . . .??
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  1. I'm indian punjabi my mother beat me when i eating chiken and egg my mom tell me when u torchar and cooking animal food don't talk me .sikh relegion told don't kill animal widhout animal parmishion.sikh temple 24 hours only give veg food.

  2. Your information is not complete. Where is Vietnam????????? There are a ton of vegan (chay, tuan chay ) food everywhere. Please make a new one :)))))))))

  3. I live in India. India is the number one exporter of beef and buffalo meat in the world. All due to the ridiculous and extreme consumption of dairy products. Regardless of where the milk comes from, baby male cows are killed because they serve no purpose. Milk = death and suffering of cows and this is unavoidable. But, India is changing and many people are learning to practice true AHIMSA. I have met many young Indians that are vegan and many more people becoming vegan. The future is vegan. 🙂

  4. No tawin should not be first place…. Because in india u just showed some north indian food and finished it. Do u know in my home there are more than 100's of vegitarian food we do in southern state of Karnataka. There are so many states and every where the food varies. And it's original and unique. Taiwanese are doing some Noodles which you get in rest of the world easily and based on that u made it on top of the list….. This is not fair

  5. My family and me are Pure Vegetarians
    We only eat meat on Saturdays and Tuesdays .
    Being Vegetarians is tough as plenty of meat options in today's society , In Ancient times People were poor couldn't afford Meat .

  6. Indians stop commenting, Vegan and vegetarian are different things how are our people so smart yet so dumb

  7. Well India could not be 1st in veganism because of North Indian diet which heavily consist of milk and milk products.

  8. WHAT ABOUT VEGAN IF URE TOIK ABUT ABout EGGGS???????????????????????? i lived in AFRICA and people areNOT idiot
    please dont send any sort of this shit to make throuh. I should combtempt to you; respectar hacer y hablar men poTn intrnrrt AmiDAGYAL zqSPOR

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