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Hey loves! Checkout The Daniel Fast Vegetarian Meals. I’ve learned that the Daniel Fast is more than just fasting from food but fasting is a spiritual discipline. During this time pray and ask God to give you strength and guide you! Give it a try. I hope you all enjoy this video. Please Comment, Like, Share, & Subscribe!!! Thanks so much for watching! xoxo
There will be more videos to come soon on my channel PiecesofNika
If you have any questions or any other videos you would like me to do….please leave them in the comment section below. Thanks!

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  1. Great recipes so far. Please note you aren't supposed to use any sweetener including honey. For your oatmeal try adding some sliced banana, cinnamon, blueberries and a good heaping tbs of your favorite nut butter.

  2. You can also make spaghetti squash with peppers and tomatoes. I made a pesto sauce made out of spinach

  3. I made chickpea, eggplant and potatoes curry. Being vegan is very hard girl I'm still trying to make it through

  4. There are so many recipes on pinterest and YouTube. And too….you CDC an always get creative in the kitchen. I love stir frys, burrito, mexican bowls, and any pasta dish. Happy fasting!

  5. Hi, You can use mushroom to sub for meat if you like those that's what I've been doing and brown rice with my veggie stir-fry

  6. I made a sweet potato and apple dish one time and it was really good. Just peel and slice both sweet potato and apple and cook them or add cinnamon.

  7. Try potatoes and bean tacos topped with salsa and avocado. Black bean nachos with yellow rice, mushrooms, jalapeños, cilantro and other veggies. Granola cereal with coconut yogurt or soy yogurt. Spaghetti with Gardein beefless crumbles. I’m vegan and most of your meals looked really good to me. Especially the broccoli with potatoes

  8. looks good! I get a lot of ideas from Pinterest and here on youtube. Search "What I Eat in a Day vegan" here on youtube and you'll get a lot of inspiration

  9. Hey girl you are doing good this what me and my husband eat every day it is apart of our life style something else you can do is get a lemon slice it and squeeze the juice out of it and drink it every morning before you eat or drink anything this will also give you a burst of energy and drink 7 bottle of water a day that cleanse your body clears your unrine and clears your complexion as well it will make you feel so good try it

  10. Hi! I’m also on week one of the Daniel fast, I’ve cooked twice this week. First meal was a spaghetti with lots of veggies! It was so good. Second meal was a wild rice mushroom soup. The taste was decent, think it would have tasted better if I were able to use chicken broth instead of veggie broth. For weeks I’ve been watching vegan meal preps for ideas. Oh, I also do smoothie preps! I pray u enjoy this experience! I find the fast gets a tad easier when I plan for my meals. Good luck!

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