Seoul Food Tour | Myeongdong Market | Vegetarian Food | YakiNoodle, Tteokbokki & Beer| By Kush Johar


I landed in Seoul for the first time and I was so excited to try an exclusive #seoulfood of South Korea.
I landed there on Tuesday morning and after taking a rest for few hours I went to concierge with my new gadget and could not resist myself to try South Korean food and wanted to try my new vlog gadget.
Here I got some information about my #MYEONGDONGMARKET, which is a touristic place and you can find exclusive street food.
Without waiting I got my vlog kit along with me to explore this street.
Being a Hindu I am vegetarian on Tuesday so it was a task for me to find vegetarian food but still, I could enjoy nonvegetarian food by inhaling the aroma of seafood or skewers aroma.
I had all of them one by one through my eyes or you can say my camera lens.
After going around in the market I got to know what all vegetarian I can try so I changed currency 20 USD TO 22000SKW which was more than enough for that day.
In fact, I was not familiar with the local currency there got confused between yen and won as you get the same vibes of Japan.
I tried yaki noodles and it is from Japan though but was cooked in Korean style.
This cost me 4000 SKW
It’s been grilled on a hot plate with few fresh vegetables, YAKI MEANS GRILL ..
Then I tried Tteobokki which processed rice cake and it might have eggs and sauce contains fish broth, therefore, advised to check it before you have it by the chef.
I really enjoyed #koreanstreetfood and definitely will try nonvegetarian and seafood on my next visit and will certainly do more #seoulfoodtour like this.
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