We traveled to Phuket to indulge in faux meats at the vegetarian festival. We also venture to Phuket town and some beaches along the way and of course end with a big night out in Patong. Watch to see if Kit can last a full day of being vegetarian.
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  1. Beautiful scenery!! I have always wanted to go to Phuket – Thanks for bringing us along. New friend here (320)

  2. I have subscribed and will follow along. If I see something I can help with or comment I will as I have with Graham. I am a scientist and sent Graham a multi meter to check voltages when he gets the solar panels up as an example. He needs to learn how to use it and I sent a 2 page letter along with it. Have fun and enjoy life.

  3. So many doggies everywhere! All of the places in this look amazing! I wouldn't know what to pick at that food festival, there looked like there were so much to choose from and aaaall yummy looking!

  4. Nice vlog guys, enjoyed the presentation and the quality of the camera and edit work . (P.s sent over from Graham and Pie's channel)

  5. I saw the link to your channel on Graham and Pai's vlog. Probably the best Thai channel I have seen so far, good editing, footage and commentary.

  6. your vlogs are top quality, so entertaining too. The editing is by far the best I've seen. Heading to Phuket in a few weeks 🙂
    All the best for your channel, God bless.

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