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Watch how to make baked butternut squash fries. Spiced up with Cajun seasoning, these healthy fries are a spicy, slightly sweet treat that taste even better than deep-fried potatoes.
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  1. Lesson learned. Dont watch one cooking video while drunk at 2am and try to recreate it from memory in the morning

  2. That's just a roast squash sticks, not a fry, a fry means you fried it in oil. Next time, roast the entire squash until firm. Cool, peel, and then cut, it's easier, and then toss in egg white n cornstarch, deep fry. Season. Voila. FRIES

  3. Potatoes are a veggie. Saying "vegetarian" is really pointless. Regular fries are not made of meat. Also, these are just baked squash sticks.

  4. Would you be able to deep fry these if you wish instead? Or are they too delicate? I've never cooked with Butternut Squash before.

  5. They look good, but, I've never used butternut squash before.  I worry about the texture of the "fries".  The only squash I am familiar with is zucchini.  How would butternut squash compare to that?

  6. I gave up Potatoes for Lent (I have an obsession with French fries, chips, and homefries). This recipe came RIGHT on time!

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