Food Choices


This new ground-breaking documentary explores the impact that food choices have on people’s health, the health of our planet and on the lives of other living species. And also discusses several misconceptions about food and diet.


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  1. Ok, I suffered through all the misinformation given here. I don't care what you choose to eat. But this dishonest spewing of incorrect and purely agenda based biased information was terrible. I am not anti vegetable. Infact I am in favor in many ways. However tell the whole truth. Nothing in here about plant toxins or plant killing. The claims were made of non bias but totally false. Most people with beliefs on either side that truly believe in health believe get rid of the processed foods and sugars and health will improve over a SAD way of eating.

  2. Even though we can kill and eat other animals. we should not. Live a non-violent life, stop being part of the carnage!

  3. Change to plant based
    Which will change your life forever
    Change for the live food today
    Dont worry about what everyone else is doing

  4. Unfortunately there is no consensus in nutrition, with the exception of added sugars and saturated & trans fats being bad. The documentary makes some false claims, which makes me concerned. They do the trick of 'X is correlated with Y', implying that X causes Y, but that's not true. X and Y might be correlated because there's a 3rd variable that causes both of them. Correlation doesn't guarantee causation. They use this tactic in several claims throughout the movie, like the eggs and dairy parts. They get some things just straight up wrong, like you can't feed chickens or any livestock antibiotics. There's no evidence that the Atkins type of diets is dangerous. There's no evidence that you need a balance of omega 6 and 3. For almost every claim they make against animal based foods are using the correlation/causation fallacy.

    Look, humans are omnivores. We can and have eaten carbs, fats and protein throughout history. Many anthropologists say cooked meat gave early humans a massive advantage in survival and might've been one reason humans were able to grow their brains larger than other primates. I personally don't know what to do with my diet. I feel better when I eat more meat and vegetables. Some starches make me feel tired.

    TL;DR: Added sugars, saturated and trans fats are the only certainty right now. You cannot prove that plant based diets are superior to animal based diets.

  5. Keto is a Killer. Creates toxic blood. Paleo people did not eat high meat. Hunter/GATHERERS. Eat close to the ground. Eat macrobiotic. Eat organic. Avoid poisoned food (commercial food). Do not eat any GMO. Eat no white food. Eat no cow, pig, or fowl. Avoid gluten. Stop eating when you are 80% full. Don't eat fast food. Eat beans and rice.

  6. I tried plant base diet for 3 months it sucked for me passing gass i would feel bloated most of the day specially after every food, i would feel tired and sleepy after 6pm so now im at a 80-20 diet 80%Protien and 20% Plant base

  7. The people who speak against meat in this video don’t look healthy in the skin at all. I wonder if the internal are in the same shape.

  8. I will be moving my diet towards this type of change in my diet. I am fading out the foods I eat now and changing to the new foods during covid19 2020. So I will be juicing more and eating more vegetables, fruits, and un process carbs.

  9. Big scare campaign towards the end. Everything is going to end in ten years if blah blah blahhhhhhhh. We have heard this for so many years. The elites want us to give up our rights and make us feel like it’s our fault this and that is happening. The corporations and governments are at fault for what you guys are trying to blame. They are the ones who have kept us on gas/oil vehicles for profit. Stop being brainwashed.

  10. For the confused ones, what we really need to take away from this documentary is we need to make a change. We cannot continue using up the earth's resources and expect everything to be okay. The livelihood of so many is at stake. It's okay to step out of line and refuse to follow. Be the person in your family, or your friends, who cares enough to make the change. Lead them to a better future. I don't believe everyone has to stop eating meat, hopefully, most will. For those who don't have it in them; consider eating less. If so many aren't demanding meat we won't have to mass farm it like we currently are. We won't have to treat them inhumanely. I choose not to eat meat because it breaks my heart to know what is happening with those animals. I am such an animal lover I cannot block it out. Perhaps that makes me dumb or too sensitive, I'm okay with that. I also want to do every part I can to make the earth better. Things are changing, and not for the better. We are destroying an entire planet and taking everything with us. It's time to take this matter seriously. We can't keep using humor to deflect what needs to be addressed.

  11. what the so-called "experts" dont seem to be aware of, including the PhD's and the MD's is that none of the foods that they are touting is a natural food. Apples, oranges, peaches plums, apricots are all genetically engineered foods thta were originally low in sugar but today are very high in sugar. Corn, wheat, potatoes, beans, peas, broccoli, cabbage, are all genetically engineered and are now much higher in sugar than they ever were. None of these foods even remotely resembles what we would have eaten during our late evolution period, none of them. Today these foods are mostly high in sugars but that was not originally the case. The only reliable source of food for our prehensile ancestors would be meat or fish, and large amounts of fat, and very small amounts of sugar. We never evolved a method of processing fructose because there was so little of it in the early homo sapiens diet. Grasses are mostly not edible, cellulose is not edible, leaves are not edible. I suspect that these "experts" are on contract with the big sugar companies.

  12. If we all were doing a plant based diet COVID-19 would not exist , people are hurting the planet and it had to fight back sometime. Last chance to change the World for the better starts with you today.

  13. The only argument I can think of against the idea of not eating animals is that there are plenty of animals that wouldn't think twice to eat us if given the opportunity. Lions, wolves, bears, sharks, etc…

  14. I love october beans ,and pintos and cornbread,when I was a kid I hated eating soup beans and cornbread,its funny now I love it.

  15. Omg. This guy is advocating for giving up olive oil? o.O Fat in itself is not bad. Too much is bad and the wrong kind is bad but you need fat to be healthy. You're a "fat vegan" because junk food can still be vegan. You can eat all the chips and sugary drinks you want and still be "vegan". Kinda disappointed this is just another extreme dietary documentary :(.

  16. [Ref- 1:16:25] “…grass-fed cattle produce 40 to 60% more greenhouse gas emissions, meaning methane, CO2, land use changes than a grain-fed cow…”

    Sooooo, would a mostly green salad eater (human) be damaging the atmosphere more than someone with a grain-based diet versus a meat, egg & fish diet? What about legumes, BEANS, when do we attack the bean eaters, omg, omg, OMG!

  17. We are made by God to eat plants… And meat was only eaten after Noah's flood as an emergency food while the plants regrew…. It was intended to be temporary…

  18. I have to disagree about eating fruits and veg. foods sprayed with toxins and pesticides and G.M.O. fruits and vegs.. They are just as bad as the meat issue. All of these G.M.O. foods fruits and vegs. non organic foods create leaky gut syndrome that destroy your immune system and your gut your body and your mind. Non- organic foods are a great difference in genetic make-up. They splice Chemicals like round -up into the food it self so you are eating corn with the gene inside the food. Outright eating the spliced in gene round up. You can not wash out pesticides, these things absorb and you can not wash out the G.M.O.. .at 1:05 min. such a wrong comment. Refined sugar is toxic and is the worse thing ever natural sugars are the way to go. Good healthy water is very important also. Seafood is toxic and I am guilty of loving meat myself but agree to much meat is toxic and unhealthy. Killing animals is just wrong I love animals. So many vegans are sugar addicts. Balance is the key. Dont plants have feelings too! They respond to music and talking to them.

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