Braised Pork with Preserved Vegetable – Vegetarian MEAL PREPARATION 素食梅菜扣肉餐


This dish features Vegetarian Braised Pork with Preserved Vegetable 素食梅菜扣肉餐.
Fresh Brown Jasmine Rice = 120 g, 419 kcal
Mixed Veg. = 0.8 cup, 45 kcal
Vegetarian Satay = 142
Preserved Veg. = 100 g, 77 kcal
Egg Medium Boiled = 2 eggs, 156 kcal
Total of approximately 860 Calories
This is our first video and far from the best, but definitely not the first content!
We are also quite new to this place and gradually would invest in better wares.
This shows how raw it can get and most of the time we just have to utilize whatever resources or utensils we have at hand.
We are planning to launch the following segments:
1. Vegetarian Meals
-We will feature easy to prepare nutritious vegetarian meal that fit your macros/calories. Counting and tracking your macronutrients is proven beneficial specially in weight/fat loss or body recomposition. However, if you don’t have the adherence or motivation due to feeling it’s a BURDEN or CHORE to PREPARE your meals, the “DIET PLAN” will fail.
2. Vegetarian Recipe
-We will keep sharing how you can prepare nutritious vegetarian foods with convenience and at the same time enjoying the process.
3. Vegetarian Lifestyle Vlog
-Most importantly we are trying to point out that creating HABITS and AWARENESS of what you are putting in your mouth reflects your body and overall well-being; sharing the benefits of eating vegetables primarily as way of life.
Hope you like the video and join us in our next tips and recipes.
Let us know your thoughts or request in the comment section!
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My partner Tyng and I, cook delicious vegetarian dishes. She’s vegetarian for more than 11 years and loves cooking tasty Asian fusions or cuisines. She’s also Certified Precision Nutrition Coach.
The official YouTube channel of Tyng and Patrick, from recipes, experiments and exploration of cooking new dishes incorporating it to vegetarian or non-meat protein dishes. The Benefits of being vegetarian has helped Tyng to battle her skin problems and definitely her health has been optimal. Tyng and I are Personal Trainers too, so you will see some workout and
Nutrition tips too. I would say I am “flexitarian” for now. 🙂
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