5 Easy To Make Vegetarian dishes at Home


Compilation of 5 popular vege recipes that you can easily make at home.
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Easy Homemade Rasmalai Recipe :

Naan Bread Recipe: https://youtu.be/ckoteokZyqI
Gajorer Halua | Carrot Halwa Recipe:https://youtu.be/7hPT15w8Rm8
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  1. How cab chicken be a vegetable? Also, bengali potato curry does not need to have onion. Simple ginger and green chilly paste does the trick.

  2. So far this is the only bangali food channel I came across where there was no annoying voice over, saying the same thing again and again, terrible pronunciation with spelling mistakes in description and trying to prove how good the food is. I just loved your recipes. It's simple and precisely done. Loved the editing skills and the music was awesome. Best of luck with your channel. Keep up the good work.

  3. করলা ভাজির মত একটা জিনিস কে এত সুন্দর ভাবে রিপ্রেজেন্ট করা সম্ভন না দেখলে বুঝতাম না। অনেক অনেক ধন্যবাদ বাংলার ঘরোয়া রান্না গুলোকে এভাবে উপস্থাপন করার জন্য <3

  4. What’s the last two dishes, there’s no name just showing one cooked with daal and one with potatoes?

  5. If I am given kacchi biriyani, polao and korma in one side and all these food in the video( except the soup) on the other side, then I will happily chose the BR items and die happily.

  6. Love your recipes but the title is very misleading as you have chicken added to your soup maybe if you modified the title and stated dishes using various vegetables it would've been more suited. Never the less love love love your videos.

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