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  1. Please stop clowning. The food does not spell bad! If you don't want to purchase the food there, do not buy it. There is no after taste to the veggie burgers. They are simply spicy.

  2. I've never tried the Jamaican patty but I love the other three. The veggie burgers are more like potatoe cakes tho

  3. This was biased from the beginning. She "KNEW she wouldn't like vegetarian products." I guess one would eat a burger without the bun and condiments, idk.

  4. Thanks for the taste test, because I was wondering how all the items that y'all did the taste tested taste. Now I know what to buy.

  5. they should read the weight of the pks n the ingredients
    id thinking going veggie youd want to avoid alot of chemicals..I do!

  6. Black beans are Cuban you can get a 2lb bag of dried beans n a 2lb bag of rice 1$ each in dollar tree
    spices 1$
    garlic bay onion dash of tumaric add a chopped green bell pepper
    you got cuban black beans n rice

  7. I have seen those veggie burgers and wondered if they were any good now I know to steer clear. I have purchased the spring rolls several times they are yummy tfs

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